All secrets of moving

They say that at least once, but each of us had to move. Working in a new city, buying an apartment in Spokane, exchanging housing, moving to rented unfurnished housing - all this poses a problem for new tenants to move a lot of things from one point to another.

Depending on your lifestyle, income level and attitude to this issue, you can choose one of two moving scenarios: amateur and cheap or professional, but expensive.

Do-it-yourself moving

One of the most common ways of moving is “family”, with the help of relatives and friends who take part in packing and transporting things to a new living space. Of course, you can’t transport furniture in the trunk of a car, but even here you can find an opportunity to save money - for example, take advantage of the recommendations of a neighbor who was helped to transport boards and rubble by “those guys from the garage” who take it cheap. Or, if no one has provided such recommendations, you can always tear off a piece of paper from the announcement on the entrance wall - “Loaders. Quickly. Inexpensive."

Advantages: sometimes it's really fast and inexpensive, especially if the carriers have already done well in the past. However, before using any recommendation, do not forget to clarify what kind of cargo was transported for your friends by the loaders recommended by them.

Disadvantages: there is nothing to confirm or refute the quality of the services of movers who place advertisements in the entrances.It is unlikely that you will come across scammers stealing someone else's furniture (although such cases sometimes happen), but the lack of professionalism of carriers can cost you dearly. A few scratches on an expensive wardrobe, broken gl in a sideboard, soiled sofa upholstery are just a few examples of the negative effects of a "cheap move".

Recommendations: if you decide to save on moving, do it wisely. Even the movers who post their ads in the entrances often have their own web pages with prices for services, with the help of which you can not only calculate future costs, but also at least somehow make sure that the carriers will not disappear into the fog along with your furniture set.

Also, do not forget that when organizing an independent move, packing things and calculating the route of their movement is your responsibility. So don't forget to stock up on boxes and wrapping paper in advance, as well as measure the size of doorways, the width of the landings and the capacity of the cargo compartment of the elevators. And good luck in this difficult, but very important matter!
Professional relocation

If the hardships of independent moving are not for you, you can use the services of specialists - modern moving companies. They will take care of the bulk of the packing, moving and arranging of your things, however, they will also require appropriate payment.If you need to move a large amount of expensive items, or if your own time is decidedly not enough to fuss with packing, sorting and transporting household belongings, professional movers from the city of Spokane are your choice.

Advantages: first of all, professional moving in the city of Spokane is convenient. You don’t even have to pack your things – the moving company will take care of all this. Your participation in the process will be required only at the stage of negotiations with the manager of the company, when you can determine the schedule and specific conditions of the move. The movers package from also includes moving things around in your new apartment, so you can be offered the services of an ociated cleaning company who can clean the place and prepare it for moving things. Thus, having drawn up a contract and a moving schedule, after a specified period you can enter an apartment fully prepared for life.

Disadvantages: like all services of this kind, moving is not so cheap. In addition, usually movers are involved in the organization of complex moves, maintenance of luxury housing, transportation of antique furniture, etc., so the prices for the services of movers in some companies can be simply overpriced.

Recommendations: if you decide to entrust your property to professionals, remember that the choice of a moving company should be treated with the same care as the ads of private movers.

In any case, whichever of the two options you choose, the main advice remains the same: the more attention you pay to moving, the cheaper it will cost you.

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