A List of Architecture Term Paper and Essay Topic Ideas

A List of Architecture Term Paper and Essay Topic Ideas

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Architecture Term Paper and Essay Topic Ideas

  • Churches And Cathedrals: Gothic, Romanesque And Georgian Styles Of Architecture.

This undergraduate paper has selected six in groups of three, two and one respectively buildings which contrast strongly in their architectural style but are similar in type in that they are all places of worship. These buildings are characterized within their broader contexts of use and social significance. Moreover the architectural/aesthetic evaluations of these chosen buildings are presented.

  • Comparing Two Landscapes.

This paper analyzes two pieces of art in terms of their content and design, as well as investigating the periods during which these pieces were produced. The two works that are explored are "Landscape with Saint John on Patmos" by Nicolas Poussin and Paul Cezanne's "Mont Saint- Victoire". Both images are of landscapes featuring mountains, yet the overall composition and execution of both pieces is remarkably different.

  • Concert Halls and Listening Quality

This paper is on acoustics and listening quality. A number of factors go into the design of concert halls and rooms to enhance their potential for listening quality. The sheer number of these factors have meant that designers face a number of difficulties in designing their listening spaces. As this essay will argue, the design of spaces to enhance their listening quality depends to a great degree upon a variety of these acoustical factors.

  • Dan Kiley: Landscape Architect to the stars and the land.

This paper gives a biography of the American Landscape Architect, and an outline of some of his great designs including Millers Garden and The Fountain Plaza. 

  • Early 19th Century Architecture: Greek Revival and Gothic Revival.

This undergraduate paper compares and contrasts the reasons people were attracted to Greek Revival and Gothic Revival architecture during the first half of the 19th century in America.

  • Ecology, Tectonic Architecture and a Simple Rural Dwelling

Quality is instinctive and appreciated via architecture, as part of the concern for ecology that also pertains to tectonic understandings of architecture. In the light of these principles, a description is given of an artist-built rural dwelling near Guelph, Ontario. Some detail is provided, notably, on salvaged and adapted materials, as these contribute to the structure's air of quality.

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