A d Post Network is a golden plan to make you achieve

A d Post Network is a golden plan to make you achieve all your dreams in ad post network either you are a re a paid member or simply registered member you can fulfill all your dreams and can make them come true. If you are working in any kind of investment or MLM plan you may use the portal of ad post network and can promote your business up to a high level. If you are joining as a free member in this plan even in such condition you will be get awarded by income, per member you will be liable to achieve 10 INR but the question is how can you use this income?
You may enjoy the services by this income provided by us and after that if you are thinking to be paid at high level then you will have to work as a registered member in this system for that system is providing three types of packages join any package and make your dreams come true.
Since now you have worked in many helping plans but what you got except loss so that�s why we are telling you that in this system you are going to face no more loss you will get only profit because system is already prepared to bear the expenses by keeping many key points in covered mode such as if you want to place an ad on system then system will charge payment through your manager or directly from you it will be the income of ad post network system.
Second point is the persons who are using the online services then system is going to charge 10% service charge for example if you use to join the system with 5,000 INR then whatever income is generated in your account and you transferred that amount in your wallet to use our online services then 10% service charge will be applicable. Our help plan is completely different from other plans.

System has three packages and you may join through any one of them

ID Type Commitment Amount Minimum Withdrawal Growth Growth Day Recommitment Ad Post Income Income Days
Partner 5,000 1,000 5% 30 day 25 day 100 INR 30 days
Standard 25,000 5,000 5% 30 day 25 day 500 INR 30 day
Master 50,000 10,000 6% 25 day 20 day 1000 INR 25 day
For commitment pin is must and witch only Master can provide

As your plan limitation is finished before that re commitment is must because in such case your id may be block.
For withdrawal as you press withdrawal button you will receive 2 options -

After withdrawal with in 24 hours request order will be generated and if you are transferring the fund then you will get the order instantly and in case if you are transferring the fund to your upline id then the time period for request order will be 48 hours.
Team Work Income
Direct income same plan 20% .
Direct income big plan 10% and gapping commission will be provide to the up line that has big plan.
If the products are same then 20% will be provide only to you.
Level Income
Joining ID First Level Second Level Third Level Fourth Level Fifth Level
Partner 5% 3% 1% 0 0
Standard 7% 5% 3% 1% 0
Master 10% 7% 5% 3% 1%
For commitment pin is must which mwill always be given by Master id no one else has permission to create pin.
Every pin has time limit of 72 hours after that the pin will be lapsed.

For creating pin the Master id will get the profit as following-
On partner pin 100 INR
On Standard pin 500 INR
On Master pin 1,000 INR
Ad Post Network Services
Now a days the mobile is very important but if it does not have balance then what work doeas this empty box have? e- Recharge, Data Card Recharge, Sms Gateway now from your e � wallet you will be able to make recharge of Mobile, DTH, internet data card and for that 10% service charge will be applicable on your account and this extra 10% amount is not burden on you , you will have to give it from your growth amount.
E- Recharge
To make an e- recharge you will have to transfer amount from your daily growth wallet after transfering the amount in your recharge wallet after that you will be able to make recharge and here also you may purchase SMS pack to promote your business.

E � Bill
From this portal you may al,so pay your daily utility bill and electricity bills and for that service kindly wait for further instructions from Ad post network.
Our Up Coming Services
Railway Reservations
Air Ticket Booking
Online Shopping Services

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