700 me 500 pair with product and six type income

 BINARY PLAN 11 Pair Rs.500- To start earning you must have 1st pair as A B & C as your Direct Line Rs.500- 2nd Pair count A B is your Left Side C is Right side as 11 Rs 500- per pair . No cling or capping you can match unlimited pairs in a Day  SPILL   INCOME  5011 Pair Rs.50- Growth Binary 11 Rs. 50- weekly Cutoff  GROWTH BINARY INCOME   50 PAIR  Example- Left C and Right C and his all down-line count for Growth binary    Direct Royalty 10  You get 10 from your Directs A B C  E.g. - A get 10,000- you get 1000-    LIFE TIME ROYALTY INCOME Life Time Royalty  Make 50 PAIRS and Get Life time Royalty Number of joining all over INDIA X Rs 10  --------------------------------------------------------       Number of Qualifiers  Note To get All Incomes except BAINARY you must have to purchase at least one bottle in a month.  PROMOTIONAL  INCOME PLAN 

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