FRIENDZWORLD.NETBE POSITIVE ...LEADERS400 RETURN IN 8 DAYS 400 RETURN IN 8 DAYS 400 RETURN IN 8 DAYS                                               HURRY HURRY DHAMAKA OFFERCALL FOR DETAILSAMAN VERMA-8283077766 OpportunitiesOur primary goal is to act as incentive and promotional program consultants and facilitators, helping accomplish your motivation and performance improvement objectives in the most appropriate manner for your team, your budget and your unique use case.To become a FriendzWorld AssociateTo become an Independent Business Associate of FriendzWorld ,  you must have to register in FriendzWorld .com, Registration Pin  Rs 1000- for 5000- and 10000- commitment Rs.2000- for 20000- commitment For registration pin contact your sponsorupline.Help BonusAll associates will get their Help Amount back after 84-96 hrs from time of commitment paid.You can get Helping Bonus as per following chart, You must complete it within 72 hrs from your time of commitmentpaid. Direct Referal Time Period Help Bonus Bonus Time 0 Direct Within 72 hrs 100 Bonus After 7 Days 1 Direct Within 72 hrs 100 Bonus After 4 Days 3 Direct Within 72 hrs 150 Bonus After 4 Days 5 Direct Within 72 hrs 200 Bonus After 4 Days Bonus time days counting start after 84hrs.Direct referal member total commitement amount must be equel to your commitment amount to get benefit. If any associate refers any associate after 72 hrs than no extra help bonus benefit get other than 100 Help bonus in 7 days.To Become as Orginizer Qualification Benefit Refer minimum 20 direct associate and 10 Lac direct sponsor's team business. Rs 25000- for Laptop Every 2 organizer qualified in your own team Rs. 25000-     Direct Referral- 15Matching Bonus- 5 Note For Binary Income your one left and one right referred directly is must. Binary and referral closing on daily basis. You can see your income daily and will get credited in your bank account. Minimum withdrawal 5000- Binary caping Rs. 10000- on registration pin 1000- and Rs 20000 on registration 2000 Pin.  

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