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httpswww.ultimatepowerprofits.compaymeWhy will a 10 or higher membership in GlobalOne change your life for the better financially Forever?Please read the reasons below and then it will be clear why you should take action on joining GlobalOne as an active member... Reason 1One of the main selling points that created such massive growth with GlobalOne in the first place is that...EVERYONE GETS PAID ALL members who have upgraded to a "TIN" 10 membership or higher will be participants in the "Spinfinity" payout.That means you WILL get paid at least 6 times a month or more, even if you do not sponsor anyone. You will make money ... 20 on ALL of your referrals 4 levels deep, if you do sponsor others. Reason 2Infinity 3x10 Forced Matrix. EVERY member has been "time date stamped" based on the day and time they first joined GlobalOne. In the 3x10 matrix you can only have 3 people on your front line, which means that people above and below you are force filling the matrix, which causes spillover under your position. The author of this press release is a Founder Member and joined GlobalOne at a very early stage of pre-launch, So, your chances of spillover are very high if you join through the attached link. As long as you are an active member at any level, you will be able to earn from the matrix.Reason 3ProductsGlobal One will be releasing many hundreds, and eventually thousands of products. Many of these products are so revolutionary that we don't even have all of the details currently. Through corporate conference calls we have learned about the following products which will be included, or already have within our active membership...Elements of WealthThis is an extremely powerful wealth building system that is available in ALL of the 5 different levels. Any membership purchased at the GOLD 50 level or higher will receive software downloads that can track trends around the world. This tracking system has proven to provide information on market trends that only the top investors in the world currently know about... Very Valuable Information IndeediGO Shopping MallThis is like Google shopping on steroids Imagine getting paid to shop with cash back, tax-free, discounted shopping on nearly everything you already use on a daily basis. You can use the iGO Shopping Mall to purchase anything from toothpaste to tv's, from the same stores you already visit for shopping, such as Target, Macy's, and other high end stores. This is a Very Powerful system that will change the way people shop forever This alone is worth the membership fee iGO Global TravelOwn your own Travelocity, Orbitz or Priceline business. You will have access to thousands of travel packages, and become a travel agent associate through iGO Global Travel You heard that correctly Even a 10 per month membership qualifies you to own your own personal travel agent business. Media and EntertainmentOver five years in the making, this a creation that Scotty Evans owner of GlobalOne has personally developed. Can you imagine combining Netflix with iTunes, and then adding Video Games and e-Books? That's right, you will be the first to launch this incredible membership based product at any GlobalOne membership level All GlobalOne members will be able to build a monthly membership customer base. You will receive commissions on every membership you sell through your given marketing system.Nano Car Sealer and ProtectorThere has been a scientific breakthrough in car protection, and we are the first to have access to this powerful product. This nano technology will change the way we protect our cars inside and out.As a GlobalOne member, you will have access to wholesale prices and marketing materials for outside sales.EMS FilterEnergy SaverSave 8 to 20 on your electric bill with this amazing EMS Filtration Device. This EMS product will not only save you cash on your electric bill, but will also filter out harmful electromagnetic waves that cause damage to the human body.As a GlobalOne member, you will have access to wholesale prices and marketing materials for outside sales.Ionized Drinking WaterSupercharge your life with this revolutionary water. We will be the first to have access to a water that has taken over 20 years to develop. This product will be endorsed by athletes to help further our ability to market the product for our own profits. GlobalOne members will also share in the profits from outside sales through local stores. There are many products that will be on store shelves, where we, as members, will share in the profits... this is one of those productsAs a GlobalOne member, you will have access to wholesale prices and marketing materials for outside sales.Make ANY Water DrinkableDid you ever wish you had the magic solution to create drinkable water out of any water? GlobalOne has announced a product that can turn any water into drinkable disease & bacteria free water. This amazing powder can produce great results with very little product used. Because this products is so inexpensive, GlobalOne is already using this breakthrough to help the less fortunate in many countries.And the list goes on and on and on.....Reason 4Humanitarian AidThe GlobalOne Owner, Scotty Evans, has designed a feature in our compensation plan that will allow members to donate the change from each of your payouts to humanitarian aid projects. This feature, along with the ground breaking life saving products, will help people all over the world in a global humanitarian trust.Reason 5Marketing ToolsThe development team at GlobalOne has produced some amazing marketing tools for members. With even a 10 membership you will have full access to email auto responder, splash pages, videos and many other marketing tools..I hope this GlobalOne review has been helpful. It is worth every bit of a mere 10 to get a Tin membership, and even the 100 Platinum membership. This is going to be a HUGE way to make money for ALL members of GlobalOne, and we will also be helping the world with our humanitarian trust. I look forward to working with you in the future in our GlobalOne Winning Team

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