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XXL Bio-Fuel Enhancer is made from pure palm oil, and is 100% natural and organic.

Introduction of XXL Fuel Booster Plus :

XXL Bio Fuel Enhancer is a 100% Green Product. It is made of All Natural Products. 0 (Zero) Petroleum Chemicals. It is Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous and Non-Flammable. It Increases Oxygen and creates CLEANER Em-missions from your vehicle. It Reduces the CO2, SOx, CO, NOx and smoke. Which means a cleaner Environment, Lower Maintenance Cost on your engine, Extended Engine Life, Improved Fuel Economy and Power Increase.

XXL can be used with any type of combustion engine that burns any kind of hydrocarbon fuel (petrol, diesel, medium and heavy fuel oils, etc.). A drop of XXL will enhance the quality of roughly 1 litre of fuel ( 1ml :1000ml for petrol, and 1ml :800ml for diesel, 1ml : 600ml Industrial Fuel Oils )

a. Better Combustion for Enhanced Power Output
XXL enhances hydrocarbon molecules in fossil fuels that improves the combustion process and increases engine power output. Engines will rev higher and offer more horsepower and torque, while operating at lower temperatures due to increased lubrication.

b. Fuel Savings (up to 35%)
XXL increases power and improves efficiency, resulting in lower fuel consumption and thus, lower fuel costs.

c. Lower Maintenance
XXL cleans internal engine parts of carbon deposits and other contaminants. It also provides lubrication naturally, which prolongs engine life-spans and reduces maintenance costs due to lower wear and tear of moving parts.

d. Environmentally Friendly
XXL vastly improves the quality of fuel, and this reduces engine output of black smoke, toxic emissions and other pollutants. Increased lubrication also means that less noise is generated. It is also 100% natural and is made from an abundant and sustainable source of energy, palm oil.

VISIT : https://xxlfuelsaverindia.wordpress.com
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