Understand your child'sinnate characteristicParents often misunderstood their childrensimply because they do not knowtheir inborn characteristic curious, aggressive,rebellious, persistentand etc.To understand and to develop an effective way tointeract with your childbased on their inborn communication styleTo understand and to develop an effectiveinteraction method with yourchildFor adults, this test can be used for selfevaluation and compatibilitywith your spouse or business partner.Know your child's inbornlearning style or abilityTo know exactly the natural learning style a childpossesA kinesthetic learner is good in expressing theirfeelingthought throughbody language and prefers to learnmemorizethrough operation and movementA visual learner has sharp observationvisualdifferentiation and prefersto learn through observation and readingAn auditory learner prefers to learn throughauditory senseoral practiceand able to assimilate, organize and arrange oralinformationTo recommend parent to place their child incourses or pre-school whereits curriculum suits the child&rsquos inborn learningstyle i.e. kinestheticlearner learns best at Montessori due to itsactivity-based methodTo eliminate the &lsquotrial and error&rsquo situation whenparents send theirchild to a certain class i.e. art class or musicclass without knowing ifthe child is capable to comprehendAs for adults, this test will reveal to them thestrength they possess andto guide them to perform better at work.Discover your child&rsquoshidden talent & potentialEvery child is unique and they possess differentinborn talentsTo use a scientifically proven method up to 95accuracy to reveal achild&rsquos inborn potential strength and weaknessTo give parents an insight into their child and togroom them effectivelyto the talents they possessTo enable parents to focus on their child&rsquosstrength and to eliminate the&lsquoguessing game&rsquo on their talentDermatoglyphics report is a very importantguideline for a child to referwhen choosing university major that best suittheir inborn abilities andpotentialAfter graduation, the dermatoglyphics report willagain be helpful ingiving recommendation to close their career pathAs for adults, this test can be a very goodreference for those who intendto make a career change, to venture into newbusiness or to pick up newskilleducationFor information and franchisee for the product pl cal me 09739765160   

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