27785217452 drdrmamanuru Call or Whatsapp Congratulations Illumin

+27785217452 drdrmamanuru Call or Whatsapp Congratulations! Illuminati family
You've Been Invited to Join the Illuminati -south africa-johannesburg-sandton-tembisa.WARNING! WARNING!! WARNING!!! If you do not want to join the Illuminati do not read this message. Rules * You must be serious * You must have
full access to the internet. * You must not discuss the secret of the
Illuminati to anyone. * We are not interested in anyone who has obtained
their knowledge about the Illuminati based on what they say and HEARD
from Mass Media (News or Performing Arts), Conspiracy Theorists (Amateur
or Professional Authors or Speculators), Internet Rumors, or other
HERESY. * Once you join the Illuminati within one week of your
membership you will achieved the greatest goal in life and also have
wealth and fame. * No one discard the message of the GREAT ILLUMINATI if
discarded the person will be tormented both day and night. * Failure to
compel to the order and rules of the GREAT ILLUMINATI shall see your
fame and riches taken back. * The money ALWAYS flows TOWARDS Illuminati
members...And AWAY from NON Illuminati members... One of the rules of
the Illuminati is "We don't talk about the Illuminati" so I can't say
too much about it here. If you are truly interested You must be able to pay a joining fee.+27785217452 Call or Whatsapp

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  • 21 September, 2016
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