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Without a vision there is no hope. Our vision is for a better life for the non-privileged individuals and families of the world.Our dream is to eliminate global poverty in our lifetime. We give hope and assistance in fulfilling that dream to so many impoverished families.Our goal is to develop new entrepreneurial spirit and economic thinking in the minds of our members. We seek to break the cycle of poverty that exists for hundreds of millions of people around the world by providing for them the education, innovative products and services, systems and tools and management support to help them to support themselves, and to help create a world where the needy have adequate access to economic opportunities and the hope to move beyond poverty. A self sufficient individual who can support hisher family with the basic necessities of life adequate food, housing, health care and education, does not need to tear his family apart in order to seek a better life somewhere else.Instead of waiting for humanitarian assistance "give the man or woman a fish so heshe can eat tonight" we want to give every man or woman the ability and possibility to help himherself "teach the manwoman how to fish so heshe can eat a lifetime". We strongly believe that our greatest challenge is to change the mindset of our members. If we can change their belief in themselves to know that they too can be successful entrepreneurs, and then provide them with the education and tools they need to succeed, we will create an unstoppable impetus towards sustainable growth in developing economies.Our emphasis is on sustainability, the driving force that will shape the economies of developing nations in the future.httpclub-asteria.commemberregister?refid7489
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