Binance cryptocurrency exchange is quite a new player in the digital market but it is already valued at around $2 billion. Isn’t it Impressive? What was it about Binance Clone script that attracted so many people to start working with them? Binance is one of the most favored cryptocurrency exchange platforms among the traders because of its user friendly interface, utmost reliability and trustworthiness. With this decade taking its shape, people are shifting to the technological world. The generation treats time more precious than any other and tries to carry out all their work instantaneously with the help of smart mobile applications. Within the past decade there has been enormous increase in the use of mobile phone applications. This helps the traders to trade whenever and wherever they want with the help of a simple and compatible device like mobile phones. This can be very well supported with the help of Cryptocurrency trading platform development. In just a matter of 6 months, Binance had managed to become a highly profitable exchange with almost three million users globally and around 100 digital currencies in list. And the value of native coin- BNB has been steadily rising due to the number of trades made on the platform. This made many companies to create binance clones of their own to gain the benefits of the exchange easily. If you as an entrepreneur or a crypto enthusiast seeking for a Binance clone app development Company, then Shamla tech would be your right choice. Reach out to the mobile users too with the help of Binance Clone Script Development from Shamla tech. Being the major exchange with an active user base of 4 million per day, it harbors 100+ cryptocurrencies for exchanging. One can use the Binance clone script for developing a trading platform just like Binance, by adding up more unique ideas and other customizations. But it is difficult, time and money consuming to build a new exchange platform with similar functionality of that of Binance. In this case a White-Label Binance Clone Script comes to the rescue. Usually to create an exchange, in the first place, a clear and transparent idea is to be generated by an extremely skilled team of developers with an experience in exchange trading. Then they have to develop the platform, check for errors, test run it and goes on for ages. Here a ready made binance Clone Script helps to launch your own exchange in no time. The binance clone website script is tested to be error free and with customizable features that can be suited for all the business needs. Cutting edge and personalisable Binance Clone App Development for Android, iOS and Windows can help the business owner to attract the potential traders from mobile devices easily. As said earlier it is now very important to cover those mobile users to gain maximum benefits. With numerous binance website clone script already being present, you can show yours as much more unique and advanced than the other ones by adding up robust features to your exchange platform. The highly customizable features allow you to mold the platform to be best suitable for all your business needs. Some of our latest features include, Basic and Advanced Trading The clone script can be built in two levels –basic, which is simple and for beginners, and an advanced level for experienced traders. Multiple Languages Integrated multiple languages to support easy adaptability to trade from anywhere around the world. Integrated Launchpad Powerful launchpad to provide buying and selling of coins and tokens in the platform seamlessly. Instant Buy/Sell Superfast and instant buying and selling of cryptocurrencies facilitated with quick and reliable payment options. Advanced UI/UX Advanced and user-friendly User Interfaces built based on customer needs and trade requirements. Binance DEX Get the trending Binance DEX platform for higher trading volume and trustworthy buying and selling features. 150+ Crypto Support The platform supports more than 150 cryptocurrencies for uninterrupted and seamless trading. Two Factor Authentication The most protective two-step or multi-step authentication feature to safeguard the exchange from hackers and theft. Trust Wallet Integration The multi-coin supportive trust wallet is integrated to enjoy end to end encryptions and smooth transactions. 100% Source Code Get 100% source code for easy advancements and scalability to make any changes to the script as you need to. Referral Options The exchange provides space for exclusive referral options and introduces offers to attract many new traders into it. Futures 125X Trading The feature helps to increase your trading position with 125x leverage making it to be extremely capital-efficient. Expert Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company We Shamla tech, a leading cryptocurrency exchange app development company can provide you with the best Crypto exchange clone app development services. Our Binance Clone Script Development has easy to use interface to make things simpler even for a beginner. We are proud to hold many happy clients by completing successful projects for the same. Along with our premium White-Label Binance Clone Script, Shamla tech delivers advanced crypto exchange application development services. Based on this, one can set up an exchange platform like Binance clone and Binance Dex Clone that can be very well supported in Android, iOS, and websites. This opens up a huge opportunity to trade easily and instantly providing a greater experience. Check out many other cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts of popular exchanges that we provide. Get a free demo for our Binance clone app development from us. Click here: https://shamlatech.com/binance-cryptocurrency-exchange/

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  • 08 February, 2021
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