Market Yourself And Your MLM Or Network Marketing Business

Market Yourself And Your MLM Or Network Marketing Business

I have come to the realization that you have to market yourself and your MLM or network marketing business. It does no good to just sign up and think the money will roll in. Most people think this way and that is why 97% of all people who sign up in an MLM or network marketing business fail. They are not taught the proper way to network. A MLM or I now call them network marketing business with the emphasis on marketing is a business just like any brick and mortar business. How do people know what you are selling or about you if you don’t market either one. I would say the later is more important than the first. You do need sales but if you don’t have a team that knows what they are doing you are spinning your wheels. 

 Too many times we get excited about our new business but we don’t have that person that will teach us how to market yourself and MLM your MLM or network marketing business. You have to remember the statistic that 97% of all people who join the MLM or network marketing field fail. That includes the person who sponsors you. Take the bull by the horn and be in the 3% who win. Yes win, because when you succedd you win. You win by accomplishing your goals.

Lets talk about goals. Do you set them daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Writting down your goals give you a foothold to success. When you write them down your brain sees them and subconciously will act upon them to make them happen. Don’t put out there goals that are huge at first. Start out simple and get used to acheiving the goals you set. You will find out later that the simple goals will lead into more extensive goals and thats when you really start growing.

Some of the daily goals you want to set are:

1. How do I market myself or my MLMor network marketing business today.

2. How many people do I need to talk to today.

3. How many phone calls do I need make to help others, sell products, or prospect.

 Some of the weekly goals can be to set an amount of sales you want to make or people you want to sponsor.

Some of the monthly goals can be how many seminars you can attend or chamber events where you meet new people.

Lastly set your yearly goal maybe it is yearly income, what vacations you need to take. Yes I said need to take because all of us need time to unwind even if it is just a couple of days.

Market yourself and your MLM or network marketing business with a blog or article and supply a link to a capture page where you get new prospects daily. Once you get those prospects, sort them into buyers and doers. Meaning you have to interview them. Not everyone will be a person to sponsor so don’t try and beg them in because they will be a drag on you. Work with the peole you want to work with, that you have interviewed just like hiring employees. Now get out there and be successful!

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  • 13 June, 2016
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