5 Trending Businesses For 2016

5 Trending Businesses For 2016

The month of February 2016 is heading to an end and it is time to begin to get seriously involved in money making businesses.

And after due considerations, I am inclined to suggest these 5 business groups for your consideration.

And I am on hand to help you start any of them up if you desire.

You can also ask me questions with respect to each group and I shall give you the right answers you deserve to know.

The Business Groups are:

1. Multi Level Marketing Business

This is otherwise referred to as MLM or Direct Sales Business Sometimes Multi Level Marketing Businesses are also referred to as Network Marketing Businesses This ranks highest in the trending businesses for 2016.

The MLM Industry is a Multi-Billion dollar Industry that has been around for more than 40 years now and still counting. This is the only Industry that has turned ordinary people without any huge capital into Millionaires and the major reason is that it rewards your labour of love with cash as and at when due.

Most MLM Businesses are STAY AT HOME Businesses, meaning that you don't have to own an office, or employ any staff or pay any bills (Electricity, Water, Refuse Disposal e.t.c.) There's only one thing expected of you to excel and that is what I have referred to as "Find a need and fill it" The most successful MLM Businesses are those in the Health Care Industry and the Food and Beverage Industry.

In MLM, registration is low and affordable and the products are equally efficacious; but most importantly is that you can NEVER lose your investment because even if the Company goes under (which is highly improbable) you can always recoup your money from the products with you.

That is an assurance that has helped me to stay in this Industry for 16 years now.

You too can join me.

2. Networking Businesses

Under this group, the business aspect of it is mostly digital; which means that the Companies market soft-copy products which may be ebooks, digital videos, digital cds e.t.c.

This business is also high in ranking within the trending businesses for 2016.

All one needs is to simply register, and then have access to the members area to download the digital products available and then introduce others to do the same thing.

A person keeps getting paid the agreed bonus so long as others keep registering through his or her link into the business.

I am into this one too

3. Referral Businesses

Both Multilevel Marketing and Networking Businesses also involve referrals but there are some businesses that are purely referral businesses which means that they do not market any products but just pay members bonus based on their activities.

Most of them come with incentives to enable members aspire to rank higher and earn much

4. Online Businesses

There are a number of Companies that are into Online Businesses through which they engage interested persons as members to help share their businesses in the social media.
Most of those Companies also require registration and some incorporate a referral business into theirs.

Most of the online businesses include Paid to Click, Paid to Read email, Paid to surf e.t.c.

5. Investment Businesses

I know a Company that has for the past 2 years been consistent in investing Individual funds in their crowdfunding projects and those individuals have been getting the Return On their Investment, regularly as and at when due.

The minimum investment sum is N10, 000.00

This is not forex or any such High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) but real investment in Real Estate or Food and Beverage Industry or Health Care Industry So, there you have them, my 5 trending businesses for 2016.

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  • 27 February, 2016
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