Posted by Vemula on 03 December, 2016 Views: 914 Points: 60
TBC Update guys!!! ;)
1 TBC coin is now inr 11179.84
1 TBC coin is now $ 162.73
Buy now while TBC still affordable..the value will grow up to 15,000 this year. me if you want to purchase.
TBC - TheBillionCoin Stake Holder Offer
Formula page: https://thebillioncoin.info/tbc_formula.php
Just Sign up for Free Account and Create your TBC wallet
1 https://thebillioncoin.info/ --type Email then Go and Verify!
2 https://thebillioncoin.org/wallet_guide_web.php --Learn how
3 https://tbc002.net/web-wallet/ --create TBC Wallet Address
4 then buy TBC coins in Website or to us as Trusted Trader.
You can start any amount as you want to, but we suggest, have stock TBC coins as many as we can while value is low and let it grow 1-5% every day, then sell it if you need a cash. PM us if How much you want to buy TBCoin as starts.
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