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Welcome to the Life Shotz business opportunity. Our promise to you is to keep it simple, fun and profitable both immediately and long term. There are three simple opportunities associated with becoming a Life Shotz Brand Rep:

  1. Get your products for free by referring just three other auto ship customers

  2. Create immediate profit by creating retail and preferred customers and get paid daily

  3. Build a sales team of dozens, hundreds or thousands and earn an Asset Income

Life Shotz is the home of minimal hype … preferably none. We do not condone sales pressure to buy our products or join our business. There are no income promises or special deals here. If you and your team sell X amount of product, you will earn X amount of income.

Our philosophy is to educate people on our Fitness Program and on Asset Income from Network Marketing … and allow you to choose what is in your best interest right now. That is not to say we are not enthusiastic about our unique wealth building model.

We are, in fact, On Fire about it and we trust that shows. But that is a decision each of us has made for ourselves. Our commitment is to educate you about the possibilities and give you all the room you need to make your own choices.

Our Compensation Plan has some unique features and bonuses you will not find in other companies. For example:

Our Retail Outlet Bonus … Earn a 10% rebate on your personal monthly order of $750 or more. This supports you being a high volume retailer yourself. Plus, earn 10% on each of your first level Brand Reps with personal orders of $750 or more to reward you for finding high volume retailers.

Our 5 + Brand Rep Bonus … Earn 35% of the Bonus Volume sales from your fifth personally sponsored Brand Rep to infinity creating even more revenue to get people to that magic $400-$500 a month.

Our 5 + Customer Bonus … Earn 35% of the Bonus Volume sales from your fifth Retail and/or Preferred Customer on. This bonus alone allows anyone to build a $200-$300 a month retail profit business while offering all their customers wholesales pricing.

And our Star Bonuses take the guess work out of getting started in the Compensation Plan and reward you on your first two levels of sales with fixed bonuses of $45, $90, $200 and $400 a month.

And last, please know that Life Shotz is an opportunity … and it is not for everyone. And for those that choose us we are just that … an opportunity. We are not a guarantee or promise of success. That is up to you. It will take commitment, focus, loyalty, enthusiasm, courage, leadership and service to others.

For More Information please visit at http://lifeshotz.com/opportunity/compplan.aspx

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