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Unibiz Multi Trade Pvt. Ltd. has a clear vision of empowering people with the necessary tools to succeed in life. The company believes that it is not just about achieving financial success but also about making a positive impact on society. Therefore, the company is dedicated to contributing towards the development of the country by focusing on different areas such as social, cultural, and educational developments.
The company has a team of experienced professionals who have achieved great success in their respective fields. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge, expertise, and resources to help young and enthusiastic individuals achieve great success in life. Unibiz Multi Trade Pvt. Ltd. provides an opportunity for people to work and earn in a supportive environment while also contributing towards the development of the country.
Unibiz Multi Trade Pvt. Ltd. has made significant strides in the health and wellness industry. The company has developed a range of health, beauty, personal and home care products that are of high quality and affordable. The products are formulated using natural ingredients and are free from harmful chemicals, making them safe for use by everyone.
In addition to developing and selling care products, the company is also active in creating awareness about HIV/AIDS. Unibiz Multi Trade Pvt. Ltd. understands the importance of education and intends to launch initiatives that will help educate people about HIV/AIDS. The company also plans to establish education and orphans home initiatives to support the underprivileged and marginalized sections of society.
Unibiz Multi Trade Pvt. Ltd. is committed to providing excellent customer service to its customers and partners. The company has a dedicated team that provides 24/7 offline and online support to its customers and partners. The company has also established a widespread network of distributors that is constantly expanding every year.
If you want to become a member and start earning with Unibiz Multi Trade Pvt. Ltd., all you need to do is join the company by signing up through their website. Once registered, you are all set to start earning and contribute towards the development of the country.
Company Registration Number: 4708
Pan Number: AABCU4861D
CIN: U51100DD2012PTC004708
Company Type: Direct Selling Company, MLM Company
Category/Industry: Health care, Skin care etc.
Founded Date: 11 Aug 2012
Founder/Co-Founder/CEO/Director: Prabhakaran Dharmarajan Andhuparambil
Headquarters: Daman
Branches: Goa
Operating Status: Active
Company Product/Services: Health care, Beauty care, Skin care and much more
Company Revenue/Annual Turnover: 1 Cr - 100 Cr
Top Leaders: Prabhakaran Dharmarajan Andhuparambil, Prithviraj Andhuparambil
Location/Address: 747/1, Kalaria, Somnath - Kunta Road, Above Bank of India, Daman - 396210

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