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Tupperware Brands Corporation - Tupperware

An American manufacturer of kitchen and home preparation, storage, and serving items is known as Tupperware. Earl Tupper created his first bell-shaped container in 1942, and in 1946 the public first saw the brand's goods. Tupperware is one of the oldest and largest direct selling companies around the globe. Tupper had already created the plastic for Tupperware in 1938, but the product only became successful once the "selling through presentation" concept emerged and was implemented during a party.
The Tupperware party is a direct marketing tactic that Tupperware used to sell its products. The Tupperware party gave 1950s women a way to make money while still maintaining their household priorities. The "party plan" model is predicated on traits typically associated with housewives (e.g., party planning, hosting a party, sociable relations with friends and neighbors).
That’s when the Multi level marketing idea came into existence, and today, every house has a single product of Tupperware undoubtedly. Even after so many years, the company is still providing the best quality products. There are so many members and distributors of Tupperware in the world who keep working hard to increase the network. This also helps them to earn extra, and the company is also growing slowly. 
Anyone can become the member of Tupperware easily, all you need to do is register or login on the website. To know more about how to become the member, you can check out the website and you will also find the contact details. For more details, visit the website today and know more about the products and the services of Tupperware.
Company Type: Direct Selling Company, Multi Level Marketing Company
Category/Industry: Plastics
Founded Year: 1946
Founder/Co-Founder/CEO/Director: Earl Tupper
Headquarters: Florida, United States
Branches: Europe, India, USA, etc.
Operating Status: Active
Company Product/Services: Plastic containers and products
Company Revenue/Annual Turnover: $1.46 Billion
No. of Employees: 13500
No of Members: 70000
Location/Address: 14901 South Orange Blossom Trail Orlando, FL 32837, USA

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