Krishna Agribusiness Development Private Limited

Krishna Agribusiness Development Private Limited - Krishna Agribusiness

On October 3, 2014, the company Krishna Agribusiness Development Private Limited launched a revolutionary plan to transform the agricultural sector by introducing a new product that would help farmers fight against pests and diseases. The company aimed to increase agricultural production by three times its current levels and make farmers the richest in the world. They wanted to free farming from chemical fertilizers and create a reputation for the industry in the world of finance. This plan would make India's farmers the most prosperous in the world, and help them get rid of toxic pesticides.
The company's plan was to transform barren lands into fertile grounds for crop cultivation. They aimed to introduce organic farming and provide access to the global market. By offering toxin-free products, the company aimed to create a healthier environment for consumers and eliminate diseases caused by harmful chemicals. They believed that by offering these products, they could create a society free from toxins and contribute to better health for all.
With this vision, the "Krishna Agribusiness Development Private Limited" was founded, and representatives were appointed to reach out to farmers across the country. These representatives were to become lifetime members of the company and would be paid for their services for their entire lives. The company ensured that the representatives' families would receive payments even after their passing. This system ensured a never-ending cycle of income for the representatives and their families.
To become a member and start earning, interested individuals were required to register through the company's website. Once registered, they would be provided with all the necessary information to start their work. The company's representatives would guide and mentor them in their work, and they would be compensated for their services.
The company's plan brought a significant change to the agricultural industry. Farmers, who were once struggling to make ends meet, now had access to a new product that could increase their yield and profit. They were no longer dependent on chemical fertilizers, and the toxic pesticides that were causing health hazards to them and their customers were eliminated. The company's plan had transformed barren lands into fertile grounds, and the once desolate fields were now full of healthy crops.
In conclusion, the "Krishna Agribusiness Development Private Limited" had brought about a significant change in the agricultural sector. They had created a system that would ensure a lifetime of income for their members and their families. The company had transformed barren lands into fertile grounds for crop cultivation and had eliminated the use of toxic chemicals. If anyone wanted to become a member and start earning, all they had to do was sign up through the company's website, and they would be all set to earn.
Company Registration Number: 258115
Pan Number: AAFCK6180R
CIN: U01403MH2014PTC258115
Company Type: MLM Company, Direct Selling Company
Category/Industry: Agricultural
Founded Date: 03 Oct 2014
Founder/Co-Founder/CEO/Director: Amit Amarjeet Chaurasiya
Headquarters: Maharashtra
Operating Status: Active
Company Product/Services: Agriculture and Soil products for Farming, Healthcare products
Company Revenue/Annual Turnover: 10 Lakh
Top Leaders: Amit Amarjeet Chaurasiya, Jagdish Baldev Bhagat, Sujit Samerjit Chaurasiya, Rakesh Shantilal Patil, Shekhar Ashokrao Bhojne, Amarjit Awsan Chaurasiya and Sandeep Samarjeet Chaurasiya
Location/Address: Krishna Agribusiness Development Private Limited, 14/1, Gondur Road, A/P Bhokar, Tal & Dist - Dhule - 424002, Maharashtra India

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