Hy Cite Enterprises LLC

Hy Cite Enterprises LLC - HCE

Hy Cite was established in 1959 by Peter O. Johnson Sr. and a friend named Dave Johnson while they were still undergraduate students. Hy Cite's success story began with the purchase, storage, and marketing of a cookware line in a garage in Madison, Wisconsin. Currently offered are three of Hy Cite's well-known luxury cookware lines: Royal Prestige, NutraEase, and Kitchen Charm. In the United States, Canada, and numerous other countries in Latin America, Europe, and Asia, they are only distributed through Independent Authorized Distributors.
Hy Cite Enterprises, LLC offers household items for sale. The company deals in the wholesale distribution of cookware, flatware, and water filtration equipment. Hy Cite Enterprises provides service to clients all around the world. The company follows Multi level marketing approach that helps in making a huge network. At present HCE have many individual distributors who sell their products and grow the sales of the company.
The best part about HY Cite is that the company is the quality of products. Their products are most preferred in the houses. This has made the company a biggest innovator and leader when it comes to direct sales industry. It is a dynamic and rapid growing company that has been witnessing profits and is also enhancing the lives of their employees, distributors and consumers.
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Company Type: Direct Selling Company, MLM
Category/Industry: Household
Founded Year: 1959
Founder/Co-Founder/CEO/Director: Erik S. Johnson
Headquarters: Madison, Wisconsin, United States
Branches: United States of America, Argentina, Colombia
Operating Status: Active
Company Product/Services: Household products
Company Revenue/Annual Turnover: $171 Million
No. of Employees: 596
Top Leaders: Paulo Moledo
Location/Address: 3252 Pleasant View Road Middleton, WI 53562-4840

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