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Frugana Health Care Private Limited - Frugana

Frugana Health Care Pvt. Ltd is a multi-level marketing company that operates under the visionary leadership of Hemant Kumar Siddhanttam, who is backed by a team of highly experienced professionals and MLM entrepreneurs. The team has over 20 years of experience in the fields of multi-level marketing, sales, marketing, research and development, training and motivation, events management, training module development, content writing, learning tool development, administration, creative design, business development, concept development, social welfare, education, MLM consultancy, strategy development, information technology, and MLM company management.
The company's core value is to honor all associates, clients, customers, consumers, or anyone who is a part of the organization directly or indirectly. Consumer satisfaction is the motivating factor for the entire team.
Frugana Health Care Pvt. Ltd is committed to corporate social responsibility and works on plans, projects, products, goals, and vision that empower society with better health, wealth, an entrepreneurial mindset, and bigger goals to create a healthy society and a pollution-free environment.
If you're looking to join this dynamic organization and be a part of its mission, you can register on their website and become a distributor. With Frugana Health Care Pvt. Ltd, you can start earning right away as you set out on your journey to financial freedom and success. With a wide range of products and a supportive team to guide you, the opportunities are endless. So why wait? Sign up today and take the first step towards a brighter future with Frugana Health Care Pvt. Ltd.
Company Tagline: “Partner in Healthy Life”
Company Registration Number: 106921
CIN: U52100GJ2019PTC106921
Company Type: Direct Selling or MLM Company 
Category/Industry: Healthcare
Founded Date: 5 March 2019
Founder/Co-Founder/CEO/Director: Hemant Kumar Siddhanttam
Headquarters: Ahmedabad
Operating Status: Active
Company Product/Services: Wellness and Healthcare Products
Company Revenue/Annual Turnover: INR 1 Lakh
Top Leaders: Hemant Kumar Siddhanttam and Utsav Kumar
Location/Address: 260, Sector II, Chanakyapuri, Near Railway Fatak, Ghatlodia, Ahmedabad 380061, Gujarat

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