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Business Plan Business ModuleRewards Joining Amount 500-To make the Best of this opportunity to earn part time you have to join us. And the moment you join usyou&rsquoll become not just our customer but also our distributor. You join it by paying just  Rs. 500- Only. You become an Associate of Globe SMS Money.Using the Power Full Formula with a Single Entry , You Can Effortlessly Generate Hight Profits.... PIPL compensarion plan is designed to reward everyone at all levels of activity, from the part time distributor to those that are participating full time. Life now becomes a celebration Many of our distributors are now enjoying lifestyles that were only a dream before PIPL come into their lives. Now is the time to turn your dream into a reality When you enroll as a PIPL Distributor, you are permitted to begin building your own network and, as you advance, receive increasing commission directly from PIPL.DAILY INCOME Company Provide You Daily Income Rs. 10 Period 200 Days GENERATION INCOME LEVELSMS RS.SMS CONDITION1 ST3.00PER SMS2 ND2.00PER SMS3 RD1.00PER SMS4 TH1.00PER SMSExample -  level Joining    Payout SMS Daily Income self        1   10 10 level 1  10  10x3   30 level 2 100  100x2    200 level  3  1000 1000x1 1000 level  4  10000  10000x1 10000 Note  Minimum 5 Direct You will Be Applicable on Generation Income Plan .REFFERAL INCOMELEVELJOINING AMOUNT1 ST102 ND53 RD24 TH2Note  This income will be distribution on joining Amount.  DINESH CHANDRA 8090294648

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