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  As the fastest growing multinational company in a shortest period, TIENS offers people from different backgrounds, industries flexible working time, workstation, and career development opportunities which are healthy, consistent, stable and faithful.   TIENS involves qualified natural products for the global consumers and helps every one to realize healthy living conditions.    Based on 5,000-years profound Chinese culture of healthy therapy, merged with the latest innovations and research of the global life science, nutrition and health, and medical fields, TIENS developed the world first-class qualified and trustworthy product serials such as health food, health care, beauty care and home care products etc. Product draws inspiration from the nature and extracts natural ingredients. The formula is based on advanced science and global technology achievements to ensure the high-quality products and achieve the perfect combination of "natural" and the "best". Products capture the worldly trend and share professional conception. TIENS' marketing staff "create wealth today, realize dream tomorrow,and realize the value of life the day after." No-risk investments and low investments in the start of enterprise. Provide full time or part time jobs with flexible working time and workshops for communities of different lifestyles. Challenging salary systems ? return for sweat, more payment for more work. This system helps improve the living conditions for yourself and your families as well as the quality of your life. Through professional services for personal dream, create unique value, develop elegant career and enjoy a happy and confident life Communication produces trustworthiness the trustworthiness brings upon affection and the affection creates miracles. Happiness arises from sharing qualified products and quality life. TIENS training programs involves many subjects guiding personal business opening, including sales, economics,public relations and Commodities for the quick personal growth and overall career development. Enjoy immense and unique TIENS corporate culture, and cultivate positive and optimistic, persevered and confident attitude. TIENS Announces Free Membership card for New Joining Distributors

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