www.theOxygen.us        0 9058366012  "  FRANCHISSE  AVAILABLE for 5 LAKHS." SMS   YOUR   REQUIREMENT   IMMEDIATLY .....................JoiN  35OO    10O reg & 34OO topup  EarN   34OO  PeR MontH....do survey... Direct sponser    4OO- ,binary..    6OO-  AND Direct sponser survey royalty income   500-  per month..  THE  ................                                                  Business Plan   oining With two types of PINs.Joining Package 2 Points.Complete Package 70 Points.Activation Package 68 Points.If member join with Registration Pin 2 Points then Member will be Inactive and heshe has to do Activation from Member Panel or Admin can do from Admin Panel by paying 68 Points within 7 days of registration.If member join with Full Package 70 Points then Member will be Active Member and no need to do activation separately.Member will pay the Amount from Liberty Reserve. For that, you need to provide your LR Account to us. YOU have to watch an VIDEO advertise and anser 4 questions , to eligible for CONTEST survey INCOME Survey Income Weekly 17 Points 54 weeks 918 points against investment of 70 Points . This is the Non-Working income.Survey Royalty Income from Direct Sponsor lead formYou will get 10 points every week lead form which filled by your direct sponsor. It will paid after 15 calender days.This is also Non-Working income.Direct income 3rd sales onwards you will get 8 Points for each direct sales and You can do unlimited direct sponsor.Binary Income 12 Points Per Pair.1st payout released on 2 1 Basis Then 1 1 Basis for Unlimited DepthCapping 1200 Points per week. Cut off SATURDAY 12 MID-NIGHT .                     3,500-  PE  3,400-  PER  MONTH,BINARY  RS.600-, DIRECT RS.400-, SURVEY  BINARY royalty  RS.500-....CALL ME BANK  tranfer  within 72 hours, for PROFF call me... 0 9058366012 TOP  MATHURA GROUP If you  have ..... dollar , please call me I will put your ID in " theOxygen.us ".

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