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Visit - www.m4mindia.com   System Concept   Half Monthly Plan    Monthly Plan Bonus 20  Bonus 40 Daily Growth &ndash 2  Daily Growth &ndash 2 Locking Period &ndash 15 days  Locking Period &ndash 30 days Comm. Amount- 5000 to 50000  Comm. Amount- 5000 to 50000   Withdrawal & link generator All links will be generator after calling verification. Minimum withdrawal amount is 1000 for any member You can withdraw from Sunday to Friday between 8.00 pm to 7.00 am. No withdrawal on Saturday.   Direct Referral 10 Level Commission Level 1  10 Level 2  5 Level 3  3 Level 4  2 Level 5  1 ONWARD... RULES & REGULATIONS Registration is free. Any one Register with email id and mobile verification. One mobile and one email id per registration. Commitment amount will be 5000 to 50000. First you get 20 for 5000 comm. And 10 for above all comm. If any member do not pay 10 his id will be blocked. Verification link after it you get 90 link. Link will be generated after calling confirmation. Storage Fund 100. Whenever you will get send help link than you have maximum 48 hours to send help. Do not Attach Fake Bank Slip. Send all problems us on- M4MINDIArediffmail.com. Please send your idea for running this system. If any one sends there ideas we will be do polling about your idea then we activate this idea for M4MINDIA member. Send your idea on &ndash Supportm4mindia.com This system is for you from you. So please do not introduce any fake member. Also use your free money only. This is going to spread worldwide with more benefit and rules. So please take care him self and system.  Welcome to M4M India Every individual needs additional income to over come the financial problems and cost of living and facing in the present society. We are unable to get the additional income. Even though we know. But this Opportunity will give you a solution for your problem.  Results You Can Expect  Every business starts with a strong business plan â&euro&ldquo it is the foundation and the building block of every company. A good business plan will not only be the blueprint of your business, it will also provide you with a good entry into many doors, including the door of investors and financial institutions. The due diligence of starting a company can be overwhelming. With our help, we can provide an excellent plan for you.  Concept Plan Commitment Amount- 5,000- and 50,000- Growth  2 Per day.Commitment Amount- 5,000- and 50,000- Withdrawal After 15th Days & 30 days. Direct Referral 10 Level Commission Level 1  10 Level 2  5 Level 3  3 Level 4  2 Level 5  1 ONWARD... First you get 20 for 5000 commitment. And 10 for above all commitment..       If any member do not pay 10 his id will be blocked.FIRST VERIFY CALL THEN VERYFY YOUR COMMITMENT THEN LINK YOU GET 48  HoursNow Want To Join  Also send me SMS 8386013661,9643010604YOUR Detail >UR NAMEMOBILEE-MAILCITYSTATEALSO E-MAIL ME<>naresh1544gmail.com

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