Package¨   Bandwidth Purchase Cost - 6,000.00 INR for 6 months¨   Multiple packages on one ID are not be allowed¨   Multiple packages per person are allowed¨   Renewal Cost &ndash 6,000.00 INR for every 6 months Registration Process¨   You can register for free¨   You will get trial period of 3 days¨   After trial, you will be required to upgrade your ID within 4 days¨   Up gradation can be done only using prepaid vouchers¨   You can get prepaid vouchers¡  From Company minimum 25 pins¡  From Franchisees¡  From your eWallet Earning Opportunity¨   Image Moderation Income¨   Attendance Income¨   Referral Income¨   Pair Income¨   Working Income¨   Royalty Income¨   Team Magic Income¨   Awards & RewardsImage Moderation Income¨   Daily, you will be given 50 images for moderation¨   You will get 2.00 INR  for each correct image moderation¨   You will get three options &ndash Accept, Reject & Skip¨   Image Moderation Work will be given every day including Sunday¨   Wrong Moderation &ndash No Income¨   Skip &ndash No Income¨   The work will be assigned daily to your account and it will be carry forwarded till Sunday midnight. If not done before Sunday, it will be lapsed and transferred to other examiner automatically¨   Once you are confident that you can moderate more images per day, you can ask for additional 50 images after 30 days. You will be eligible to for additional images if you accuracy is over 90¨   The request for the same has to be made from your member panel Attendance Income¨   Attendance Income &ndash 5.00 INR per day¨   You will get this income one time every day after you successfully login to the systemReferral Income¨   When you refer someone in the system, you are eligible for the Referral Income¨   Referral Income - 600.00 INRPair Income¨   1st Pair &ndash 12 or 21¨   Afterwards &ndash 11¨   2 Direct on any side compulsory to qualify for Pair Income¨   Pair Income &ndash 600.00 INR per pair¨   Daily Capping &ndash 15,000.00 INR 25 pairs X 600.00 INR¨   Calculation Time &ndash 12.00 Midnight GMTWorking Income¨   5 of your referral&rsquos Image Moderation Income¨   You will get working income only on Image Moderation Income Royalty Income Criteria on the total monthly business Condition 100 pairs 2 1 Direct & 5 Pair every month 200 pairs 2 2 Direct & 10 Pair every month 500 pairs 2 5 Direct & 25 Pair every month Criteria - Royalty Income¨   Once you qualify, your royalty income will be calculated from next month¨   If you do not complete the respective condition in any particular month, you will not get royalty income for that month¨   If you do not complete the respective condition for 3 consecutive months, you will not get royalty income in futureTeam Magic Income¨   Every time you earn 10,000.00 INR, 500.00 INR will be deducted from your account¨   Similarly, it will be deducted from everyone&rsquos account when they earn 10,000.00 INR¨   For every such 10 deductions in your left and right, you will get 5,000.00 INR as a Team Magic IncomeAwards & Rewards¨   Company will announce Awards & Rewards time to time Current Rewards from 21st Nov 2013 till 31st Dec 2013 Number of Direct Cash Reward 10 3,000.00 INR 25 10,000.00 INR 50 25,000.00 INR 100 50,000.00 INR Charges¨   Tax Deduction &ndash 10¨   Admin Charges &ndash 10¨   Bank Withdrawal Charges &ndash 0¨   Fund Transfer &ndash 2¨   Voucher Generation &ndash 2Withdrawal¨   Minimum Payout &ndash 1,200.00 INR¨   You can place withdrawals any time¨   Withdrawals will be processed within 5 days¨   Payment will be given via Bank Wire or eCurrency as per your choiceRenewal¨   You will get all incomes on renewal¨   You will also get binary income on your downline&rsquos renewal¨   If you do not renew your ID, you will not be eligible for any income¨   There is no time limit as when you can renew your ID¨   But after expiry till your renewal, all your income till then will be flashed outTerms & Conditions¨   No Work &ndash No Income¨   Wrong Moderation &ndash No Income¨   Poor Moderation more than 50 of wrong moderation¨   If you do Poor Moderation more than 10 times, you will not be eligible to get Image Moderation Work. You will continue to get other incomesNotes¨   Minimum Amount for Internal Fund Transfer &ndash 600.00 INR 

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