Work From Home With Forsage 100 Decentralized Matrix Platform

THE WORLD’S FIRST 100% DECENTRALIZED MATRIX PLATFORM Global Decentralized Ecosystem: Decentralized marketing is powered by the revolutionary smart contract technology*. The code for Forsage’s smart contract can be seen here fully open, so you can be completely confident in the security and long-term operation of the project ZERO RISK: On February 6, 2020, Forsage developers deployed a self-executing smart contract on the Ethereum Blockchain that exists in perpetuity and cannot be modified by any entity. INSTANT TRANSACTIONS: The profit routes from other members directly into your personal wallet. There is no hoarding in the system, the income belongs only to you IMMUTABILITY OF CONDITIONS: The Forsage smart contract is nothing more than a payment gateway that facilitates peer-to-peer commission payments between its participants. DECENTRALIZATION: There are no managers or administrators, there are only the creators who are equal participants in the project, like everyone else TRANSPARENCY AND ANONYMITY: The smart contract is public. Anyone can see the code and the entire transaction history. This guarantees the integrity of the system and real project statistics. 100% ONLINE All funds are transferred between members, there are no hidden fees. The contract balance is always zero smart contract technology is a new phenomenon in the modern decentralized economy. It allows, in accordance with the program code, to process and distribute the financial flows of digital ets. All processes take place in an open, decentralized blockchain network based on the Ethereum cryptocurrency, the infrastructure of which supports the operation of such contracts. Joining Link:

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  • 21 October, 2020
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