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We provide you part-time work of viewing Advertising Banners of different companies on your computer or mobile screen for 30 seconds per Advertisement. There are different earning rates of all the Advertising Banners. However the average earning rate is Rs.5/- per banner. And this is not the end. You also get income on forwarding the messages to different people and Its upon you only as how much you want to work. Do the work as much you want to do. There is no boundation from the company. The mobile no. data will also be provided by the company itself. Tags : Job Placement Service, Work From Home, Part Time Work, Online Earning, SMS Sending Work, Home Based Work, Full Time Work, Full Time Job, Part Time Job, MLM, Multi Level Marketing, Network Marketing, Income from SMS, Income by SMS, SMS Earning, Earn from SMS, SMS Work. Sponsor ID : Sponsor ID : J000252. "Voice" Helpline: +91 9653369000 "WhatsApp Chat”: +91 9653369000 “Hike/Telegram" Chat: +91 9653369000 About Company : 18+ YEARS OLD COMPANY. 90000+ USERS. 13 LAC+ VISITORS. 100+ MNCs ASSOCIATED. LIVE SUPPORT. HELP THRU MOBILE CHAT APPS ALSO LIKE WHATSAPP/HIKE/TELEGRAM ETC. Its Send SMS, Earn MONEY. Simple. Home Based Work. Voice Helpline : 09653369000. (10am-6pm).

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  • 11 May, 2015
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