Win a Toyota Fortuner

Win a Toyota-Fortuner  Spirit of India SocietyRegistered in 1978, Registration No -S9843 NGO Membership Amount Rs. 1000- OnlySilver ClubIf we obtain two people who pay us Rs.1,000- &ndash we are filling our first level in the structure and we have to activate level 2. In order to activate the level 2 &ndash we have to pass Rs.1,500- to a person designated by the system which is in the structure two levels above us. In this case our cash flow is Rs.500- . From second level we receive four payments by Rs.1,500- and the cost of third-level activation is Rs.2,500- payment to the person who is three levels above us &ndash so our cash flow is Rs.3,500- .. From third level we get eight payments by Rs.2,500-, and the cost of the fourth level activation is Rs.5,000- payment to the person four levels above us &ndash so our balance sheet is then Rs.15,000. On the fourth level you get 16 payments by Rs.5,000- total Rs.80,000-, the cost of promotion to the next stage &ndash the activation of golden club is Rs.10,000- &ndash that is us Rs.70,000-. At this point we close silver club, which is illustrated below.  Level Members Level Earning Total Earning 1 2 500- 500- 2 4 3,500- 4,000- 3 8 15,000- 19,000- 4 16 70,000- 89,000- 2 Direct within 10 days earn extra Rs. 100-Total income of the Silver Club is Rs.89,000-.Rs.5,000 bonus for next 6 month Golden ClubWe can continue our career and earn more money in GOLDEN CLUB. To go to this club we have to be at level 4 and receive a minimum of 2 x Rs.5,000- Rs.10,000- in the silver club. Partners of the club stay with us. We continue to receive donations from the silver club. Golden club is illustrated below  Level Members Level Earning Total Earning 1 2 15,000- 94,000- 2 4 35,000- 129,000- 3 8 150,000- 279,000- 4 16 700,000- 979,000-  Total income of the Golden Club is Rs.979,000-.Rs.10,000 bonus for next 6 month Platinum Club To enter into the platinum club we have to be at level 4 in golden club and receive a minimum of2 x Rs.50,000- Rs.100,000- in the club. Partners from the golden club stay with us. You still get donations from the silver and golden club. The Platinum Club is shown in the picture below  Level Members Level Earning Total Earning 1 2 50,000- 1,029,000- 2 4 350,000- 1,379,000- 3 8 1,500,000- 2,879,000- 4 16 7,000,000- 9,879,000-  Total revenue in the  Platinum Club is Rs. 9,879,000-.Rs.15,000 bonus for next 6 monthDiamond ClubTo get it you have to be on the fourth level in Diamond club and receive a minimum of 2 x Rs.500,000- Rs.1,000,000- in the club. Partners of the club Diamond stay with us. You still get donations from the Silvers Golden  and Platinum  club.  Level Members Level Earning Total Earning 1 2 500,000- 10,379,000- 2 4 3,500,000- 13,879,000- 3 8 15,000,000- 28,879,000- 4 16 70,000,000- 98,879,000-  Total income of the Diamond Club is Rs.98,879,000-.Rs.20,000 bonus for next 6 monthGet Access Now RewardsSilver ClubMobile Membership LetterGet Access NowGolden ClubBikeID Card NGO MembershipGet Access NowPlatinum Club Sentro Car Entry NGO Board of MembersGet Access NowDiamond Club Toyota-Fortuner  You are a Vice President of NGOGet Access Now Visit

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