Why should i read newspaper during UPSC Exam Preparation?

Reading newspapers is an indispensable tool and plays a very important role in cracking UPSC exams, thereby reading it routinely and properly is a quintessential requirement. 1. Newspapers reading should be viewed as a daily exercise not to keep you healthy but to keep your 'generals' aware, 2. Also to enhance your Reading speed-Which is also quite important seeing the time constraints in UPSC examinations 3. Writing practice goes HAND IN HAND while making notes or summary 4. Widens your vocabulary, improves grammar and increases your general knowledge base at the same time, 5. Or we can say that it will have a "multiplier effect" on -our reading skills, comprehension skills, analyzing skills, 6. It will help us in forming our own viewpoints, opinions, and arguments and at the same time NEWSPAPERS will "increase the multidimensional approach of understanding the various issues and correlating and integrating them" 7. Boosts our confidence- As you read more and your knowledge bank increases you will feel more confident and relaxed. 8. Giving in an answer, a reference of past incidence, the present scenario with future suggestions is a true mastery over answer writing 9. For the UPSC exam point of view, there are many regular cum daily articles, editorials and columns in which we can relate to either of the general studies paper and paper4 of ethics and integrity also. After looking at the UPSC syllabus one can easily come to this conclusion that reading newspapers certainly has a major role to play and covers 50percent of UPSC syllabus and also current affairs. You can ask any UPSC aspirant or someone who has cracked the examination and the answer you will get will be the same, at no cost reading newspapers should be compromised adding that it should be the first task one should do as he kicks off his day.

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  • 15 September, 2019
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