What is Mi Lifestyle Marketing

What is Mi Lifestyle Marketing? As a direct selling company, Mi Lifestyle Marketing aims to provide our associates with: Enhanced lifestyle High quality products Flexible and reliable shopping/selling models Financial freedom with career opportunity Bright scope of expansion Business Opportunity at Mi Lifestyle Marketing It won’t be wrong if we say that we are living in an era where value of money is going down day by day and the prices of products have reached an alarming altitude. It has become really difficult for families to sustain their present living standard and have control of their future at the same time. All the hard work the bread-earner of your family interjects is apparently not resulting in much. So, if you want to support your family with that extra income for a future cushion, the biggest opportunity that you have today is the Direct Selling Model of Mi Lifestyle Marketing. Through Mi Lifestyle Marketing Business Model, individuals get an opportunity to spend less and earn more. It becomes possible when individuals join one of the fastest growing networks of direct selling distributors, which Mi Lifestyle Marketing nurtures, as a distributor. Our distributors buy products at Distributor’s Price (DP Price) that is less than the MRP. So, distributors get to use our products at lesser price and sell them at a higher price (Listed MRP). This results in lesser expenditure and higher earnings. Our Business Model has the following important essentials : Basket of Products Mi Lifestyle Marketing offers a range of products to consumers. These products are customized or tailor made to satisfy the need of our clients. We manufacture products of highest quality that delivers value to the users in terms of quality as well as pricing. Following is the assortment of products that we offer to our consumers: Health care products Lifestyle products Wellness and nutritional products (body care, beauty care, personal care and home care) Coupons of various brands (Many reputed brands to be redeemed at full value) Mi Lifestyle Marketing also has tie-up with various branded companies and corporate for retailing of the products directly to the consumers. Each product is defined with parameters like MRP, DP, BV, etc. Retailing of products is flourishing in the modern trade as of now and it has future potentials as well. The future of this industry as well as people associated with it also seems bright. Therefore, Mi Lifestyle Marketing aims to provide a secure working environment to the people of this country by offering self employment opportunity to individuals who wish to secure a financially stable future for themselves and their family members. Distributor Network If you wish to have financial stability, you may become our distributor by selling our products directly to the consumers. The customers or individuals may solicit for the distributorship by agreeing to the company’s business offering and terms & conditions and by abiding to the code of conduct. Individuals could become our distributor and get placed in the wide-open network of Organisation1 or Organisation 2, as per the introducer’s choice. The distributors are entitled to get our products / services at Distributor’s (DP) Price. Customer network Our distributors may refer new customers through ‘Customer Registration Process’. However, these customers will not exist in the opportunity system (genealogy/distributor) network. The customers will buy products of their choice at the given MRP Price; respective BVs will be accounted as self BVs of their introducing distributor. The consumer is not entitled for any commissions or monetary benefits from the company, but they will have all rights as a consumer and privileges being a registered consumer. visit us at https://www.lifestylemarketing.co.in

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  • 01 July, 2015
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