What do you love about Halloween?

Everything actually! From decorating your home, scaring the shit out of my brother, deciding the costume to seeing kids smiling faces when they get their favorite candy, it's just priceless. But if you ask me what I like the most, it probably would be the costume part. I have a larger number of costume collections than my shoes. I know it's stupid, but I still love it; some things can't be changed I guess. From a very young age, I have had this weird obsession with costumes, especially from movies and television. So every year I literally scroll through all the sites that offer spooky costumes. If an article or link says Halloween Costume Ideas for Women, I probably have read or seen that one already. One thing though, why "for women" most of them are really uni, so …. Just saying. So yeah I like wearing different spooky costumes every year.

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  • 26 August, 2021
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