Unique Opportunity to Earn Crores by spending Rs. 120

 Earn more than Rs 44 crore by referring any one of our test series to just 4 persons. This is not any new scam of networking, this is simple maths of revenue sharing.12 online tests are worth Rs 120One year subscription, one test will be provided on 15th of every month. USD 3 for Non Resident Indian or if you are paying by Liberty Reserve. You will get Rs 5 for every referral by you as well as by the referral of your referral and so on, but upto 13 levels only. i.e. we will distribute the revenue of Rs 65 from each sale and will be using rest of the amount in making and providing the tests, submitting service tax and other operational costs.You can register free and book your position. But in that case, you will receive the referral income only after the payment and you have to pay within one month of registration. Otherwise your booked id will be de-activated permanently More details httpearn.quizindia.co.inindex.php?mskybiz  

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