For those looking fresh opportunity, UNICO2U could be your best platform to success.
(i) Sponsoring Bonus
- If you join small package ,you still will get paid 100% direct sponsor bonus if you sponsor big package
- No roll up Bonus to UPLINE.(Fair system)
- Upgrade Package 6 month (No Pressure)
(ii) Leadership Pairing Bonus
- Maintenance once every 2 months
- Fail to maintenance only BV will stop and NO FLUSHING
- When hit maximum daily income,Big Leg Carry Forward
- Will pay you up to 375 pairs each for INR 700
(iii) Matching Royalty Bonus
- Will pay up to 2 Level (10%) and (5%)
- No limit for Direct Sponsor
- Not Compulsary to Sponsor both LEFT and RIGHT LEG for your Royalty Bonus
- You can make income only with 1 Leg
(iv) Global Sales Bonus
- First in Network Marketing History in ASIA
- You will get Bonus 2 to 4 times higher than your package you joined even if you not active
- Each week Company will place a random member with same package you joined and you will get 10% from Development Pairing Bonus
- You should also understand that its not a MONEY GAME.The purpose of this Bonus to allow all members especially new member to enjoy profit atleast once even they do not sponsor or do maintenance
(v) Company Turn Over Bonus
- Only for Platinum member
- Every month company net sales 4% will share to all Rank Holder Position

I hope this marketing plan could help you and your team to success....

G.Ramaraj (0103828522)

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  • 22 March, 2016
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