Joining Option -    6000-                                                                       Registration fees 1000 Future Plan 5000 Binary IncomeBinary Income &ndash 500- per Pair First Pairs 2 1 or 1 2 after that 1 1 Pair up to    unlimited Depth Capping100 pair Capping in 10 day's Direct ReferralDirect reference 500- Per Ref Holiday Packages Free Corporate Code For Ads   You can see one special ads on Friday for viewing Ads company will pay you 500-     1per Week Approx 24 Week Rewards   2.Joining Option -  11000-  Registration fees Rs. 1000 Booking amount Rs. 10000 And rest in 25 installment of Rs. 2000- Per Month Plot Size 25x40 1000 Agriculture & Non Agriculture on Available   One Year Accidental Insurance of ORIENTAL INSURANCE Nagrik Suraksha Policy Risk Cover of                            Rs. 1,00,000- and Hospitalisation Expenses up to Rs. 20,000- Binary Income   Binary income- 1000 RS. Per Pair. It will be start after complete first pair through 21 or 12 ratios and after 11 pair up to unlimited depth Per Pair 1000- capping 100000- in 10 day's Closing Date7, 17, 27 of every month. TDS and Admin. Charges applicable. Simulation as and when required. Terms & Condition Apply  Royal Income A unique feature of this plan is that ASSOCIATES get &ldquo5&rdquo monthly ROYAL INCOME on referral collection.Direct Referral Income Once associate become an independent associate refer a new associate under left and right side of genealogy tree qualify for direct referral income. Means if associate add another associate in hisher genealogy in outer leg with hisher reference getthe direct referral income Rs.500 extra. RewardsAD INDIA ONLINE Acknowledges Your Efforts And Commitments By Rewarding You For Your Efforts. You Will Be Rewarded As For The Recognition Or Ranks Stated Below Accordingly    Star 25 ID Left I 25 ID Right Within 30 Day&rsquos You Are Qualified For Reward Of LapTop  Two Star Introduce 60 ID 30000 RV. Left And 60 ID 30000 P.V Right Within 60 Day&rsquos You Are Qualified For Reward Of Rs.30,000- For BIKE   Three Star Introduce 160 ID80000 P.V. Left And 160 ID80000 RV. Right With 2 Two Star Achiver Left & Right Within 120 Day&rsquos You Are Qualified For Reward Of MARUTI ALTO   Four Star Introduce 600 ID3 Lac RV. Left And 600 ID3 Lac P.V. Right With 2 Three Star Achiver Left & Right Within 220 Day&rsquos You Are Qualified For Reward Of GOLD Worth 4.50 Lac   Five Star Introduce 1600 ID8 Lac P.V. Left And 1600 ID8 Lac RV. With 2 Four Star Achiver Left & Right Within 320 Day&rsquos You Are Qualified For Reward Of MAHINDRA ARITO   Six Star Introduce 6000 ID30 Lac P.V. Left And 6000 ID30 Lac RV. With 2 Five Star Achiver Left & Right Within 500 Day&rsquos You Are Qualified For Reward Of HYUNDAI VERNA  Seven Star Introduce 11000 ID55 Lac P.V. Left And 1100055 Lac RV. Right With 2 Six Star Achiver Left & Right For Reward Of FORD ENDEAVOUR SAPPHIRE- Introduce 25000 ID1.25 Crore Left And 25000 ID1.25 Crore Right With 2 Seven Star Achiver For Reward Of BUNGALOW Worth Rs.25 lac  Royalty Company gives an excellent chance for earnings in &ldquoROYALTY INCOME&rdquo. In this two criteria&rsquos include- ASSOCIATE complete 11000 Id's in both sides get Rs. 50000 up to 20 months ASSOCIATEcomplete 25000 Id's in both sides get Rs. 100000 up to 30 months                  Future Plan Call for more information jahid khan 9772411333www.adindiaonline.comDefault.aspx   

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