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 We are finding few people of our new project in India for TIMEMONDS. We have launched Certified Real Diamond Jewellery in Direct Selling Concepts. It&rsquos with Gold, 92.5 Sterling Silver & Diamond Jewellery Project. Our Diamonds are based on world's rarest Super 4&rsquoC Cut, Clarity, and Carat & Colour.WHO WE ARE1.      A Bhavani gem is a diamond trading company sight holder.2.      Employees over 7000 work forces.3.      Having 12 diamond manufacturing factories.4.      Being, there first factory in diamond industry than runs on gas power plant and created green revolution.5.      We manufactured &ldquobhavani mikro diamond&rdquo, world&rsquos smallest diamond weighing 0.0003 cent .00006 grams 3333.33Pcs per carat size, which was certified by IGI lab & acknowledged by Limca book of records.VALUE OF BHAVANI GEMS 1.      We value &lsquoDiamond&rdquo world&rsquos richest resource and purchase all raw materials that meet the approval of Kimberly process and operate in strict compliance with Kimberly process certification scheme.2.      We are RJC certified organisation.3.      We are ISO 90012000 certified.4.      We respect largest Diamond  land &ldquoAfrica&rdquo and support them by contributions to the &ldquodiamond empowerment fund&rdquo5.      Value of client.6.      Value of leadership.7.      Value of ethics.8.      Value of industry.9.      Value of excellence.10.  Value of transparency.11.  Value of fairness. CHAIRMAN&rsquoS MESSAGEThe foundation stone of Bhavani Gems was laid by a humble and down to earth man, Shri Manjibhai Dholakia. In 1988 Manjibhai set up his factory at Bhavnagar, with nothing but firm conviction and a strong determination to deliver the best. Being an ardent man he precisely monitored everything from procuring rough diamonds to manufacturing and marketing polished stones. &ldquoI take immense pleasure in launching Timemonds an initiative by Bhavani Gems Pvt. Ltd. Bhavani Gems is a leading name amongst diamond and jewellery manufacturers. It is headed by experts who have a scrupulous knowledge of the diamond jewellery business.We are a proud lot of steadfast individuals who have worked very hard to achieve the world class reputation that we enjoy today. The sparkle of our diamonds reflects the precision and craftsmanship of our artisans. The credit for the cultural richness and everlasting allure of our unique jewellery goes to our designers. Our marketing team works rigorously to promote what we create and meet the demands of our valued customers. No wonder our diamonds are in great demand.We are interested in spreading the beauty we create at Timemonds by enhancing our network. We invite people from all walks of life to join hands with us and take up the initiative to be a marketer on their own. We have wonderful opportunities for part time job seekers and also for those who would like to work-from-home. &rdquo I Offer you to Open Timemonds Club in Your City. It's Your Own Business & It's Private Franchisee Concepts..TIMEMONDS &ldquoa brand of Instyle Jewellery http://www.instylejewellery.com by Bhavani Gems group http://www.bhavanigems.com.Bhavani Gems Group has a mission that &ldquoevery people in this world should wear our Diamond Jewellery and people should start our Diamond Jewellery Business in every part of the world&rdquo with our new venture TIMEMONDS. Every our Timemonds Business owner should be Intellectually, Socially, Spiritually, and Financially Rich families all over the world.WOULD YOU LIKE TO EXPERIENCE THE TIMEMONDS DIFFERENCE, FOR MORE DETAILS CONTACT 91 97269 10000
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