Tiens Group

Features Of Tiens Business you love the most. 1. One time/Life time Registration /No-Renewal Fee. 2. NO-Demotion/Once a position is achived will remain forever. 3. No Monthly or bi-Monthly targets, 4, No Re-qualifications. 5.BV Accumulation plan. 6.The beauty of TIANSHI'S Business plan is that you are able to move very fast to higher levels due to your total BV is calculated from the day you and it includes the BV of downlines both direct and indirect. BV accumulates every month. (NO-Monthly flushout of BV like some companies.) 7.No compulsory product pack/kit on joining, It's according one's Choice. 8. TIENS Is a truely International Co. and allows you to sponsor Globaly. 9.Only company in the world giving you Global Royalty(unlike others who give you country Royalty) shares 5% of it's (global turnover) with it's achivers. 10. Rewards it's achivers with, Fully Paid International trips thrice a year, BMW/MERCDS luxury CARs, Luxury BOAT/YACHTs, 6 seater Pvt.PLANEs, Luxury VILLAs, 11. Is being listed in major International stock exchanges around the world, and all eligible Distributors are share holders. 12.The efficacy of the Tianshi products would market itself, many people the world over have benefited and continue to benefit from these superior quality health products. 13. The founder and President of Tianshi Mr. Jinyuan Li, says.. ''OURS ARE NOT MERE PRODUCTS BUT CIVILIZATION IN BOTTLES'' 14.The company protects the legal right of it's consumer that, If a consumer is harmed by health from consuming or using Tianshi products, has the legal right to get INDEMNITY. please feel to free to talk... Talk soon Aryan

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  • 05 March, 2016
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