This is how Adobe Sensei works artificial intelligence for creators

Many decades have ped since we first heard about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Many times it seemed far away to reach him and work with him in practice. However, artificial intelligence is changing the way organizations work as in the case of Adobe, through its AI known as Adobe Sensei. Douglas Montalvao , Douglas Montalvao, General Manager of Hispanics at Adobe's Experience Cloud explains in detail what Adobe Sensei is and how Adobe's artificial intelligence works. Adobe Sensei: the force of Artificial Intelligence behind Adobe solutions Today, Adobe Sensei powers dozens of features of the various Adobe products : it gives the marketing area the ability to generate and deliver information in an optimized way, using AI in real time without requiring or demanding that the marketer be an expert As Montalvao himself explains: “ Adobe has different technologies and they all aim to deliver highly competitive digital experiences for the end consumer, whether it be to provide the best product recommendations, create customization aligned to customer needs with a specific profile, with detailed tastes, as well as deliver creative content for the user. Adobe Sensei is not clified as a tangible product that is sold in physical form: it is technology that is invested behind Adobe products and that has the ability to make decisions based on perfectly studied data. The great contributions in different areas range from recommending products on e-commerce platforms, where sometimes the same user does not even know what he needs and the same intelligence clifies his needs, the moment of life he is going through, understands the channel in the one that is in real time and makes the recommendation, to the extent that the client chooses the product that was suggested, which can only be done when you are using AI from behind ». Douglas montalvao Adobe Sensei software is also capable of determining how to sell a product based on real-time conditions : it clifies what should be selling, by how much and how it should reach the consumer. If at a certain point these actions do not achieve their objective, the software maps what is not working and takes actions to improve the sale. Also read : qnnit Among other more palpable functions of Adobe Sensei is the sending of email campaigns , in order to predict what is the optimal way to deliver the message to the recipient, and decide the content within the email in order to maximize the response and therefore both predict the similarity of customers. Skymarketing offers wonderful space propelled lodgings and a powerful social scene at awe inspiring territories like Lahore smart city. Personalization in record time Within the Adobe Creative Cloud area, Sensei can personalize content in order to turn the work of thousands of people into one. Thus, for example, using tools such as Photoshop and Lightroom, the artificial intelligence of Adobe Sensei is able to identify the components of the photographs, disembles them, and from the same photo it can create an infinite number of contents . Solutions such as Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects, InDesign, Character Animation, Dimension and Ilustration, are also capable of working with artificial intelligence, making their tools more efficient. Of course, the solutions that have been mentioned before are the best known for Adobe users, however, there are more tools for Adobe Experience Manager-Assets, among which are Smart Crop, which transforms the content in the size you want, for the platform that is needed, and with only configuring tools within the solutions, saving a lot of time. On the other hand, the platform also has Automatic Text Summarization whose function is to return your texts in short and efficient summaries. The AI solution for end users, SMEs and large corporate companies Previously, the focus of technology providers was to provide intelligence so that companies were able to develop it internally and sold specific software for their own models, however this failed due to lack of technical knowledge, lack of resources and training to develop them, now this new technology it can be delivered to the marketing areas without the need to be an expert to use this tool. Its main public success stories include corporate companies such as Home Depot , Best Buy , NASCAR , Roche and Nissan , working with Adobe solutions and behind the intelligence of Adobe Sensei . Everyone has access to Adobe Sensei - from the student paying the simplest subscription to companies or corporations working with Adobe solutions, everyone has the ability to access and use artificial intelligence. «Adobe Sensei is the great differentiator of Adobe, and is currently the area with the highest priority for the company, since its objective in the short and medium term is to continue investing in the area of research and development with the purpose of delivering solutions to the customer every smarter that make their companies more efficient and competitive ” , concludes Montalvao.

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  • 15 November, 2020
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