This is done 1st survey n get insurance benefits with binary, refferal and survey income

         HURRY UP DNT MISS THE CHANCE Dis is fully legal,NGO based company,also having FCRA..Funded by foreign contributionInsurance BenifitSocial Survey for an NGO,recognized by God  ActionNew Concept based and fully legal companyU can donate 10002000 for dis NGO No TDS Deduction,because this is real NGO based Programme Weekly Bank Transfer   Business Plan    Social Survey Plan All Donor Can Join ALL INDIA SOCIAL SURVEY PROGRAM using Registration Donation Pin -Rs 1000 Top up Donation Pin -Rs 2000    Binary Benefits- Rs. 500 - per pair Match.1st pair 21 or 12, there after 11 1 pair. Capping 100 pairs weekly i.e. Rs. 50,000 weekly. Binary pay out every Friday.Income eligible for bank transfer.    Survey Benefits- Donor will get Rs 500 for each survey completed.Each Donor will get 1 survey every week.Survey will be released on every Friday. Survey will be closed on next Thursday at 1200 pm.Donor can do weekly bank transfer.    Support Benefits- Donor will earn Rs. 75 - for each survey take by his direct referral. All direct referrals will be considered for this income.Direct referrals can be placed anywhere.    Insurance Benefits- All Top up Donor Rs. 2,00,000-Accidental Death Benefit.    Award & Reward Benefits- Awards and rewards are valid only for 30 days from date of joining.   Note Weekly Closing Thursday 11.55 PM   Bank Withdrawal Only Friday 10 PM To 5 PM   Minimum Bank Withdrawal 1500 Rs.   Bank Withdrawal Duduction 15.  WEBSITE For more details contact email id                                                       mobile 08879175568

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