SUCCESS IS A JOURNEY, NOT A DESTINATION 104538 PM Sign In Sign Up Home About Us Profile Product Business Legal Our Bankers Our Couriers Contact Help Line   12345 Welcome To Realson Energy Pvt.Ltd Business Concept To make the Best of this opportunity to earn part time you have to join us. And the moment you join us you&rsquoll become not just our customer but also our distributor. You Can Buy Any Single Realson Energy Kit . You become an Associate of Realson Energy . Business Plan As Soon as you become our Business Associate , and sell two package in ratio and your downline, You can open maximum two frontline one is left and ather one is right. One Registration Left                      50 PV One Registration  Right                   50 PV When You will Complete 150 PV Then You are elligible to Business Income.     150PV        100- INR   10050PV OR 50100PV  150PV  100- INR After That 5050          100PV        100- INR One Registration in Left and one Registration in Right up to unlimited Depth Joining Amount - 350-, 400- ---------------------------------------------------------- Note - Capping 400PV per Shift it means 400- 400- 800- per day 800- Power leg carry forword. Shift First &ldquo2 PM To 2 AM&rdquo Shift Second &ldquo2 AM To 2 PM&rdquo     3rd, 10th, 24th, 36th, 42th, 60th, 70th....... etc. pair will be deduct for software maintenance. Minimum payout transfer 200-     Daily Closing Payout transfer day - Daily. 10 TDS &15 Admin CHARGES.Administration charges per day closing. Reward Income Comming Soon Royality Income Realson Energy provides Royalty club, so that you can adopt network marketing as a carrier. SILVER CLUB 50000 PV Balancing on both sides 25000 25000   Royalty Income Total No. of Sales in the Company x10 No. of Silver Club Royalty Holders in the Company   GOLD CLUB  200000 PV Balancing on both sides 100000 100000   Royalty Income Total No. of Sales in the Company x10 No. of Gold Club Royalty Holders in the Company   DIAMOND CLUB 500000 PV Balancing on both sides 250000 250000   Royalty Income Total No. of Sales in the Company x5 No. of Diamond Club Royalty Holders in the Company   Note Royalty income is excluding commissions incentives Business income.               OR One Shirt Piece   Bio-energy Card Nano card   Anti Radiation Mobile Chip   OR         Quantum Pendant     Joining Package 2nd Rs 400-       visit                                        for detail contact -GAJENDRA       CELL-09124444442,&09439958662    

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