AKSHAY   91-8108033904   Home Our Products Contact us   Welcome to Dargoba Innovation We are offering a unique product in wide range in all over India. we have already dispatched many more health product in many companys. we are product supplyer from mumbai. we are just offering a unique product in bulk. We are offering now three product in automotive.     DIESEL SAVER Coming soon   PETROL SAVER  Click here   TYRE SAVER Click here WHAT ITS BENEFITED ? 1. 15 TO 30 PETROL SAVES 2. INCREASE PICK UPTO 30 3. REDUCES ENGINE SMOKE 4. HELP TO SMOOTH ENGINE BS-20 DOUBTS ???? 1.Q What is BS20? Ans BS20 is name of this product. BS20 denotes the grade of Petrol Saver. It is good for petrol engine. 2.Q It is such a small bottle and the quantity mentioned is just 6ml. why? Ans There is no smaller bottle than this. So a 10ml bottle is being used to fill 6ml of bs20. Actually about 9 ml is filled in while filling the bottle to take care of any evaporation losses. 3.Q How many litres of Petrol really 6ml can be used with? Ans Actually 1 ml is equal to approximately 30 drops. So about 180 drops is available inside the bottle. This 180 drops can be applied to minimum 100 litres of Petrol in a 100cc to 180 cc bike to maximise of 200 litres for under 110cc bike. 4.Q The product smells like Kerosene. What is so special about the product? Ans Yes the product is a made from diesel and gesoline catalyst form so it can be easily added with Petrol and will not evaporate easily. The specialty is this bs20 gives very good extra mileage for sure and is very good for Petrol engines. 5.Q For the price of Rs.299 for 6 ml what are the value of benefits? Ans Fuel is saved upto 30. Smoke is reduced by about 60 Pick up and speed increases by about 30. Engine noise is greatly reduced Engine becomes smooth Engine heat is reduced by 20. The value of fuel savings alone is estimated at 15 on 100ltrs of Petrol say 15 litres of Petrol at current price of about Rs.70ltr of petrol the savings works out to Rs.1050 against the cost of just Rs.299 plus above mentioned additional benefits. 6.Q It is mentioned as a Dosage Specific. What it means? Ans It means the same. Dosages with reference to the CC of the 2 wheeler must be strictly followed. Otherwise mileage benefit will not come. All other benefits are achieved even in wrong dosages. But for mileage increase dosages must be strictly followed. The specific dosages for each type of known bikes are as given in the webspage. 7.Q Why so little dosages? How to put 1½ drops for 1 litre of Petrol? Ans Dosages are fixed to achieve extra mileage after testing in 100s of Bikes. The User can put 3 drops for 2 litres. 8.Q What happen if priscribed is not done and puted extra drop with Petrol? Ans The power of the Bike increase falls down. And hence extra mileages is not achieved. It 2 drop per litre is continue to be applied instead of 1½ drops then mileage gets reduced. So avoid putting extra dosages than prescribed except for the first time. 9.Q If mileage gets reduced due to extra dosages how to recover the mileage? Ans Put half of the prescribed dosage until mileage is recovered and then continue with normal dosage.first time. 10.Q What happens if only 1 drop is applied for 1 litre of Petrol instead of 1½ drops? Ans power of bike engine increases and so mileage gain may not be much. So dosages must be as prescribed. 11.Q Do you have any approvals or Licences? Ans Approvals are required for setting up big factories of for manufacture of listed products like Cars or Military Hardware. For Fuel savers no such licensing is required. 12.Q Will the increased mileage come for long term use? Ans Yes. But to sustain Bike must be maintained. To maintain good then it is recommended to apply half a drop lesser than the normal dosage. If the User follow this advise the mileage improvement continue for ever. 13.Q Is there any chemical in the product? Will that harm my engine bore and piston? Ans There is no chemical in the product. Actually as the product cools down the engine by 20 engine wear and tear is reduced and this is good for the engine life. 14.Q Can I get this product in my Town? Ans One can get this product anywhere in India. We are yet to export this product to other citys. If there is not our Agent Dealer in your Town you can directly place order with us and purchase from us and we shall be glad to dispatch the goods by through Courier to your address. Minimum order value is Rs.1000 and the Packing and Forwarding CourierPostage of Rs.100 is in that Rs. 1000. HOW TO USE BS-20 NOTE - AFTER FILLING PETROL USE DIRECT IN PETROL TANK. 1. IF YOU HAVE SUGGESTED TO 1 AND HALF DROP 50 TO 69 CC BIKE 34 TO 1 DROPS PER LITTER OR 2 AND HALF DROP USE 2 LITTERS OF PETROL  70 TO 99 CC BIKE 1 TO 1HALH DROPS PER LTR BECAUSE HALF DROP IS NOT POSSIBLE  100 TO 134 CC BIKE 1HLF TO 2 DROPS PER LTR 2. DO NOT MIX SEPARATELY.  135 TO 175 CC BIKE 2 TO 2HLF DROPS PER LTR  3. DO NOT PUT EXTRA OR MINOR DROPS. 4. PROPERLY MIX WITH PETROL BS-T TYRE DOUBTS ???? 1.Q What is BS-T Tyre Saver? A BS-T is the product name. This is actually a concentrate to be mixed with Kerosene and applied to the Vehicle Tyres like painting. This is a Rubber strengthening in concentrate form. 2.Q Such a small bottle of 20 Ml. How to apply on 30 Lorry Tyres? A This is only a concentrate. With this you can make 2 litres of Tyre Saver mix. You will have to mix this 20 ml with 2 litres of Kerosene. A tyrerequires about 50 to 60 ml of Tyre Saver mix to be applied with. So with 2000 ml one can apply this BS-T Tyre Saver mix to about 30 LorryTyres. 3.Q How to prepare Tyre Saver mix properly? A Take 2 litres or Kerosene in a 2.5 litre any type of bottle Cleaned bottle and add this 20 ml BS-T Tyre Saver Concentrate. Close the Jerry Can cap tightly with inner and outer Cap. If required use a plastic cover inbetween inner to tighten it properly. Now immediately mix the bottle up and down 8 to 10 times about 8 inches up and down vigorantly 8like shaking shaving foam bottle. So the Kerosene now gets well mixed with bs-t Tyre Saver and is ready for application. This can be stored in a cool and safe place for long term application or as when required. 4Q How long we can store this Tyre Saver Mix Kerosene? A You can keep in store this Tyre Saver Mix for even 5 years or above. Just shake once or twice before every drawal or every use. 5.Q This is just Kerosene now. How it can strengthen my Tyres? A This is not just Kerosene. This is Catalysed Kerosene and this will penetrate up to 2 mm into the Tyre surface so the rubber up to 2 mm thickness is strengthened. This helps to avoid quick wear and tear of the Tyre buttons and treads. 6.Q The price of Rs.500 for 20 ml is too costly. Why? A This is concentrate. With this 20 ml one can apply Tyre saver mix for 30 LorryBus tyres. This means the cost of concentrate for one tyre is only few rupees. Considerating the increase in Tyre life is not even 1 of the potential savings. 7.Q Where to get Kerosene? A We found it difficult to handle Kerosene as a raw material. So we are avoiding this problem and requesting the user to handle Kerosene at the end point. 8.Q What is the Kerosene cost per tyre ?? A Assuming even Rs.50ltr of Kerosene it can be applied to more than 16 LorryBus tyres. So the cost of Kerosene per LorryBus tyre can be safely assumed at Rs.3- only. 9.Q What are the benefits of spending Rs.12- per Tyre Rs.9 Rs.3? A The benefit is expected increase in life of BusLorry Tyres by 60. In case of smaller Vehicles the cost is also much less and expected increase in tyre life is 100. This is to be applied for Lorry tyres once in 10000 kms. We expect with the same wear and tear the tyre will now run for 16000 kms. This is a phenomenal savings considering the cost of application.. 10.Q What is the cost benefit analysis for LorryBus Tyres? For Lorry Tyres Application once in 10000 kms at a cost of Rs.12 each. Assuming normal Tyre life of say 1,00,000 kms at a Tyre cost of Rs. 15000 each. 10 applications plus additional 5 applications for every 10000 kms at Rs.12 each Cost of Tyre Saver application is 105 x Rs.12 Rs. 180 for 160000 kms. Expected Increase in Tyre life 60000 kms. Tyre cost for 60000 kms Rs. 9000 savings against cost of Rs.180. This is called phenomenal savings i.e. 50 times payback .  For Bus Tyres Application once in 5000 kms at a cost of Rs.12 each. Assuming normal Tyre life of say 60,000 kms at a Tyre cost of Rs. 15000 each. 12 applications plus additional 6 applications for every 5000 kms at Rs.12 each Cost of Tyre Saver application is 126 x Rs.12 Rs. 216 for 96000 kms. Expected Increase in Tyre life 36000 kms. Tyre cost for 36000 kms Rs. 9000 savings against cost of Rs.216. This is called phenomenal savings i.e. 42 times payback . 11.Q Is it not worth to apply bs-t Tyre Saver to LCVs or Cars or Vans? A One can apply bs-t Tyre Saver mix to even Cycles. We noticed the tyre life goes beyond double in case of smaller vehicles and tyres as the load is very less. It is most advantageous to apply bs-t Tyre Saver mix to smaller vehicles like Cars, Jeeps, LCVs, MCVs, Bikes, Scooters and even Cycles. 12.Q What happens if Tyre Saver mix is not applied exactly at 10000 kms for Lorries or 5000kms for Bus or LCVs or Cars? A Nothing happens you can apply at plus or minus 1000 kms of the recommended application kms. 13.Q What happens if instead of 60 ml per LorryBus tyre 70 ml or 80 ml is applied on to Tyres? A Nothing wrong happens. You just apply extra quantity. 50 or 60 ml is sufficient. 14.Q Can I apply at more frequently than recommended applications ? AYes. 15.Q How to apply without wasting the mix? A Good question. Take the mix in a small bowl in lots of 100ml or even lesser. Use a 2 inch or 4 inch synthetic brush ordinary painting brush and apply the bs-t Tyre Saver mix on to tyre buttons and treads alone. As you apply it gets dried up. So mark where you start and where to finish. If 10 or 20 ml is balance in the bowl apply it to the sides of the tyres or throw it . Do not put back into the bottle of 2 litres as this will spoil the purity of Tyre saver mix in the bottle. 16.Q How to measure the increase in life of my Tyres? A. Again a good question. First apply only to one tyre out of 4 or 6 tyres. Apply like this 2 or 3 times spread over 6 months time even. Mark the number the tyre and the kms at which bs-t Tyre Saver is applied. Now after applying this mix for over 2 or 3 times you will realize that only the Tyre on which bs-t Tyre Saver mix is applied is not wearing out like other tyres. You can find this tyre to be black and the buttons remains intact and compared to other tyres this tyre is almost appearing like new and fresh without micro holes on the buttons or surface. This way you can satisfy yourself that bs-t Tyre Saver works and saves tyre costs. 17Q Can I apply straight away on all the 10 Tyres in my Truck?  A. Yes. If you know about your otherwise normal wear and tear or another truck with 10 Tyres running life to compare you can go ahead and apply bs-t Tyre Saver mix on the tyres of a single truck to check the performance of BS-T Tyre Saver mix. 18.Q Can I apply BS-T Tyre Saver mix on rainy days? A. No. You cannot apply BS-T Tyre Saver mix on wet tyres. Tyres must be dry and clean to apply this mix. 19Q Can I apply BS-T Tyre Saver mix on brand new tyres  A. Yes. Very much. Then only you will get full benefits of savings. 20.Q Can I apply BS-T Tyre Saver mix on Retread tyres? A Yes. Certainly. The life of rebuilt tyres is extended by 60. 21.Q Why I need not apply on the sides of the Tyres?  A The sides do not wear off. So no need to apply the mix on the sides of tyres. 22.QThis is very cheap product. Just Rs.12 how can I expect an increase of 6000kms over usual running of 10000kms? A This is based on actual user feedbacks received. This is just concentrate. As the user will have to spend on Kerosene and application costs this appears cheaper. 23.Q Can I apply this mix to already 60 worn out Tyres  AYes. The remaining life gets extended by further 60. 24.Q How this BS-T Tyre Saver mix increases tyre life? Explain technically.  A This BS-T Tyre Saver mix is a rubber strengthening catalyst. This catalyst penetrates only up to 2 mm into the tyre surface. Upon such penetration the rubber molecules are strengthened and they become more rubberish. Good quality rubber can bear any amount of beating and punching. Thus the top 2mm bears the rough ride and enhances the tyre life. That is why the need to apply at frequent intervals of every 10000kms or 5000kms. 25.Q Will this reduce my break efficiency?  A No actually break efficiency is enhanced. As rubber become more better rubber. 26.Q 25. Can I get BS-T Tyre Saver in our Town? How can I get this product?  One can get this product anywhere in India. If there is not BS-T Agent Dealer in your Town you can directly place order with us and purchase from us and we shall be glad to dispatch through Courier to your address. Minimum order value is Rs.1000 and the Packing and Forwarding CourierPostage of Rs.100 is free in that Rs. 1000.   Home  Our Products  Contact us  

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