Sirf 350 mein 1953500 kamaane ka mauka. Abhi nahi to kabhi nahi.

Join from here:-

This plan is one its kind in which you can join by Rs.350 only and by promoting this marketing plan, you can earn upto Rs.1953500.
Because this is Auto-Filling Plan
It means, people join in your network automatically whether you do any effort or not. Because your upline can join only 5 users in his Level 1 and if he introduces or joins the 6th person, then that 6th person will join automatically in your Level 1. Similarly when 5 people join in your Level 1, then after those 5 users, more people will join in your next level only. This plan works in total 7 levels. In which you get Rs.1j00 per user joined in your Level 1 and you keep getting Rs.20 per user per level in next 6 levels. For complete details on the plan, please check the below chart carefully.
Levels Incentive Rate Users Joined Total Income
Level 1 Rs.100 5 Rs.500
Level 2 Rs.20 25 Rs.500
Level 3 Rs.20 125 Rs.2500
Level 4 Rs.20 625 Rs.12500
Level 5 Rs.20 3125 Rs.62500
Level 6 Rs.20 15625 Rs.312500
Level 7 Rs.20 78125 Rs.1562500
Total Income: Rs.1953500
For more info call/whatsapp 9330930003

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  • 26 April, 2017
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