Sakarni Somo Wall Putty

Sakarni never fails to meet the expectation of its customers and always strives to push its limits to deliver high-quality products therefore it has introduced India’s first ISI certified Wall Putty “Sakarni Somo” which is a perfect solution for all your Interior and exterior wall-related problems. We have a large network of suppliers and distributors as a dealership in various cities of Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Delhi and growing in many more cities. Sakarni Somo wall putty is India’s first Interior and exterior wall putty that has got certification from ISI. This certification testifies that a product conforms to an Indian Standard Developed by the (BIS) Bureau of Indian Standards and is safe to use. Sakarni Somo Wall Putty is a specially designed White cement-based polymeric putty that will help you to create a smooth base on the wall and prevent the degradation of the paint layer. It also works as an effective bonding platform between the base of the wall and the plaster and provides immense robustness to your walls over time. It is the best home and office choice to consider for interior and exterior wall finishes if you want to restrict moisture particles from settling on the walls and keep them moisture-proof.

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  • 01 November, 2022
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