Rich Circle Life ..

Rich Circle Life ..

Source Of Extra Income
It's a new day, we will talk new and make a new start for extra earning
 Rich Circle Life 
Life changing opportunity
There is an opportunity to earn millions by helping each other in this great community.
What decision to take today depends on you.
Rich Circle Life 
Working, Non Working Platform
6 Types of income 
• Staking Bonus 
• Direct Staking Bonus
• Royalty Bonus 
• Star Royalty Bonus
• Upgrade Royalty Bonus
• CGP Manager
Joining Package - 800/-
Get's CGP at today's value.
1- CGP Growth Value
The value of CGP increases on the basis of staking & buying.
This also applies to CGP Theoretically, the greater the demand for it relative to the supply, the higher the price, and vice versa. In other words, if more people want to buy CGP than are selling the asset, then, in theory, the price should rise.
Today's 1 CGP = 2.50 INR
Considering the demand, there is a possibility till 2027 Value of 1 CGP = 100 INR 
Example:- Today the value of 1 CGP is 1 INR. If growth of 1CGP in 1 year value will be 10 INR staking CGP is 800 then growth of CGP in 1 year value will be 8000 INR
2 - Direct Staking Bonus - ( 50% )
 Daily Bonus - ( 0.50% )
3- Royalty bonus Monthly
If you understand then money is just money, if you don't understand then it is like before
Friend, if you do 100% team working, you will get Monthly Royalty Bonus - 244,140,500
Friend, if you do 50% team working then you will get Monthly Royalty Bonus -122,070,250
Friend, if you do 25% team working then you will get Monthly Royalty Bonus -61,035,125
Friend, if you do 10% team working then you will get Monthly Royalty Bonus- 24,414,050
4- Star Royalty Bonus
• You get star royalty of Rs 4000 monthly if you achieve the target, having a team of 100 from 5 direct groups and 2 working groups is mandatory.
• Star royalty is distributed on the basis of new business.
5 - Upgrade Royalty Bonus
All Achievers get Upgrade Royalty Monthly 0.50%  
• For every Rs 4000 earned, you have to upgrade by Rs 800
6 - Cashback is available only to CGP Managers.
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  • 28 December, 2023
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