Dear friends,Indian Patented Company In Diabetes & Blood Pressure B.P,  Dr. NANDEDKAR'S Phd 15 Years Research ProductResult In 5 DAYS In Diabetes & Blood Pressure B.P,More Than 15,000 Satisfied Customers In All Over World,Now In MLM,With A Unique Binary Generation Plan, Joining 3,650-Rs,Binary 11 500-Rs,Weekly Capping 50,000-Rs,Weekly Online PaymentRetailing Income 15 to 31Repurchase IncomeRoyalty&Rewards 1PRODUCTS-1DibaGreen-Nil-For DiabetesThe Body is a complex Network of millions of interconnected highly intricate cells. Cells are use to produce energy, among many other necessary functions as well. But for cell to produce energy, it needs fuel, in the form of Glucose.The surface of each cell contains docking station for insulin and glucose to attain to, for glucose to enter a cell, a key is needed, insulin serves as the key. Opening cell receptors to allow glucose to enter and energy is produced.Inside the cell there are other transport vehicles called Glucose transporters Glut. These Gluts carry glucose molecules to the cells mitoundria, where the body ultimately absorbs it to create energy.After a Meal, Carbohydrates or sugars are absorbed by the intestines increasing blood sugar levels, insulin is manufactured and secreted by the pancreas and circulated throughout the whole body.As this insulin binds to cell receptors, it opens cells to allow absorption of the glucose from the blood stream, producing energy and lowering blood sugar levels.As blood sugar decreases, the pancreas secretes glycogen which breaks down glycogen in the liver and releases additional amount of glucose into the blood stream.Glycemic Indexc GI is a numerical system which indicates how fast carbohydrates food are broken down into glucose with which in turn enter into the blood stream.We rely on carbohydrates produced from natural sources, like Vegetables, Nuts, Fruits, Legumes, Grains.There are mostly low GI food sources that only raise blood sugar levels moderately, producing energy for many hours.Modern man has become a slave to foods with high GL levels, such as - White Breads, Potato Chips, Biscuits and Crackers, Chocolate, Sweet Cookies, Rich Cakes, fast Food.These high GI count foods cause blood sugar levels in the body to rise very rapidly when eaten.The dangerous of rapidly rising blood sugar levels.When blood sugar levels rise very quickly, the intensity peaks in a short time but does not stay at the peak level very long and drop down rapidly. These rapid declines generally cause below normal levels to occur as the body tries to combat the sudden fluctuations.Blood sugar levels plays an important part in Brain functions. If are allow our bodies blood sugar level to peak in short time span duration, by eating incorrect foods, it causes the brain to induces cravings trying to force you to eat more to raise blood sugar again.By allowing ourselves to become a slave to these craving, we allow this cycle to lead to continuous spiking of blood sugar, resulting in abusive releases of insulin throughout the day causing suppression of glucogen.More importantly these rapid in blood sugar can causes significant inflammation to the vessels in the artery's lining.This inflammation can alone spread to the capillaries within the muscles, which because of their small size, inflammation can cause the vessels to constrict and thicken, these creates a physical barrier, making it difficult for insulin traveling within the blood stream to pass through reducing sugar to get to cells.When this happens it is onset of insulin Resistance, meaning the body is becoming less sensitive to insulin. This can lead to Metabolic Syndrome, where insulin Resistance when left untreated, results in insulin levels in the blood rising to high and sustained levels. When our body has high sustained insulin levels, it places us at high risk of many chronic diseases, namely- Diabetes, High blood pressure, Heart diseases, Obesity, Stroke.Symptoms of the Diabetes Complications-Diabetic retinopathy shows symptoms of pain in the eyes and may even result in loss of vision.   Renal kidney disease progresses, blood pressure also increases. Tingling, burning, numbness, tightness, shooting or stabbing pain in the hands, feet or other parts of your body, especially at night. Digestive problems also occur if, the nerves controlling internal organs get damaged autonomic neuropathy. You may have scanty or profuse sweating, difficulty of sensing when your bladder is full, when there is a low blood sugar, increased sexual problems, weakness, dizziness' and fainting. Chest pain angina or shortness of breath dizziness or light headache, shoulder or stomach pain, fast heartbeat. You might not show any symptoms until having a heart attack or stroke.  When alarming symptoms given by the body are ignored and the same status is maintained, it starts damaging body organs, such as heart, kidney, eye, feet, and skin. Diba Green Nil - for Diabetes  Net content  90 CapsulesDosage 1-2 Capsules empty stomach in the morning & 1-2 Capsules 30 minutes before launch & dinner with water. As directed by Physician. Keep in cool dry place, away from direct heat & sunlight. Insure seal before use.  Caution- During Dibagreen Nil therapy, check blood sugar levels regularly Diba green-NIL is1. An excellent oral Hypoglycemic Agent Natural Origin.2. It reduces diabetic autonomous & Peripheral Neuropath.3. It improves Diabetic Nephropathy & restores kidney functions.4. It improves vision in Diabetic Retinopathy.5. It accelerates healing of Diabetic wound caused due to Microangiopathy and Infection.6. It is a Unique Herbal, Oral formulation that along with its excellent hypoglycemia effect reduce all Diabetic complications within short period.7. Even with high doses doesn't have hypoglycemic complications.8. It doesn't have drug resistance & drug in tolerance & doesn't render other drugs incompatible with its effect.9. It cures Completely D. M. in preliminary stage.2CardoGreen Nil-For Heart & B.PAn invention an a safe, effective, potent , well proven, herbal hypolipedimic agent, which not only reduces high serum Cholesterol level but also reduces unwanted LDL and Triglycerides and unlike other drugs it plays an important role in raising useful HDL levels.HDL acts as a scavenger, i.e. excess of fats in the blood is taken away to the liver for further metabolism i.e. breakdown & used up as energy 9calgm fats are also useful in the synthesis of harmones, cell wall, nerve sheath. No doubt fats are useful constituents but due to its sticky nature even a moderate rise in its normal range causes serious ill effects. In a normal individual when there are excess lipids Total Cholesterol, LDL, Triglycerides due to its sticky nature it sticks to the intima i.e. inner lining of the arterial wall. Loss of normal elasticity of the blood vessel Increased blood pressure Increased peripheral resistance Accumulation of lipids Damage to the vascular endothelial layer Narrowing of the arterial lumen Plaque formation In adequate blood supply to the tissues for e.g. if heart Myocardial ischemia I.H.D If further narrowing Infarct Heart Attack, if peripheral vessels are involved P.V.D. Peripheral Vascular Disease, if microvasculatures of locomotor organs are involved Loss of function Gangrene, in such a manner retinal changes, renal changes, changes in the nervous system can occur.Our 80 of Indian population hardly affords their livelihood, so its out of their range when they have asked for angiography and another costly investigation. As they couldn't manage, it gets postponed resulting in No. of deaths & those who live have to face handicap ness which limits their activities and make them dependent rest of the life. We can stop all this chain just by a simple blood test to know our fat level lipid profile and if any deviation from normal it could be corrected with the help of medicines, diet control and exercise. The available allopathic medicines are costly & should be taken life long or for a longer time which it self causes hazardous side effects. Considering the need of a complete formulae which can reduce only harmful Cholesterol, Triglycerides and LDL and raises the level of useful lipo-protein i.e. HDL, and even this formulation should not have any side effects and last but not the least it should be affordable and thus after testing many herbs we finally came up with the combination of the five herbs which we named it is Cardiogreenheal it restores fat metabolism and hence it correct hyperlipemia in a short period. Dosage-1 Capsules thrice daily after food or as directed by physician. As Directed by the Physician.Keep in cool dry place, away from direct heat & sunlight. Ensure seal before use. During Cardogreen Nil therapy Check Cholesterol and Lipid profile regularly.    

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