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Jaalifestyle Bonuses:
1. Annual Avertising Bonus= Self Registration- $1000 and $1000 per referral or sponsor every year.
You will receive 50 nos. of ads daily amounting to $3 (Rs. 225/-) daily. You have only to open those ads supplied by the companies and nothing else. Your referral will also receive 50 ads each daily. If they open their respective ads they will be paid $3 daily and you will also be paid $3 daily from each and every person you referred.

2. Monthly lifestyle Bonus= Per person 1st Level- $5, 2nd to 5th Level- $2, 6th Level- $3 and 7th Level- $4.

3. Future Share Bonus= $50 for self registration or sign up, $10 per referral or sponsor and additional $100 for every 10th referral.

You will get $2,200 worth of Future Share (FS) for signing up 10 new users and help them to find 10 new users each. (Period 10th May to 23rd June 2020).

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For more detail contact whatsapp No. 7085532538

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  • 25 June, 2020
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