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Profit ke liye dukaan bad...
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Profit ke liye dukaan badlo

Five types of income...... Reward program with no time limit summer bonanza till 26 July 2012 make 100 pair and get an ALTO car. For power leg and support call now DIXIT SETHI 9914955111 Introduction &ldquoGlobal Food Bazaar&rdquo is a Feel Good Store in your home Town or City, where you can purchase of your daily consumable goods in an organized, attractive and easy way at competitive prices. Apparently you may not be able to differentiate between us and other, because it looks like just any other KIRANA store. But once you connected to us, understand the idea and know our concept you will not be able to leave us. And once you join our family, we will take care of your daily needs may it Groceries, Toiletries, Personal care and other household items.   &ldquoGlobal Food Bazaar&rdquo made a very humble beginning, back in 2008-2009, from Indore M.P. , catering to the people's need only from a small Godown measuring less than 2000 Sq. Feet, supplying to various homes who used to order their stuff through telephones, today GFB enjoys the luxury of more than 50000 regular customers to boos-upon.   But a timely need was felt to shift gears and make public appearance, to give benefit to more and more people, so the first full flagged store was inaugurated in Indore M.P. on 19 September 2010, which was followed by rapid expansion in M.P., Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Haryana, Utter Pardesh, Uttrakhand, Jharkhand, Bihar, Punjab, Andhrapardesh and many more to come. You are also invited to come forward and join this glorious mission of GFB which is full of freedom.   HOW TO GET STARTED Any one major in age can apply to become a part of fastest growing business concept of &ldquoGlobal Food Bazaar&rdquo. For this firstly you have to purchase a Product Package out of the purposed range of Joining Product Package and fill the GFB associate application form under the sponsorship of present distributor of the company. After the submission of GFB associate application form you will get an e-pin, which facilitates to login on the website of the company from anywhere any time. After successfully login you become a part of &ldquoGlobal Food Bazaar Family&rdquo and with the same you become eligible all type of income and according to business plan of the company as well as on the basis of your diligent working capacity and commitment. Every such person, who join &ldquoGlobal Food Bazaar&rdquo will receive a welcome kit contains a Welcome Letter with number of products.   GIFT AND DISCOUNT VOUCHERS 1. Almost every kit package has specified Gift and Discount Vouchers as per the business plan of &ldquoGlobal Food Bazaar&rdquo. Each voucher has value of Rs.200-, which are redeemed at &ldquoGlobal Food Bazaar&rdquo and any other stores G.F.C., Global Digital, Global Trendz running by Global Retails Multitrade P Ltd. at anywhere in India by purchasing any type of goods of your choice and need at very attractive and reasonable prices. These vouchers are provided online and appear in the voucher column of your user ID's member area. Each Discount voucher can be used against the minimum billing amount of Rs.1200- and there is no need of additional purchase against the Gift Voucher. 2. You are also able to use your gift voucher and discount voucher at our FEBULAS UPCOMING ONLINE GFB SHOPPING PORTAL   GLOBAL SMART CARD A Smart Card will be given to you with every Product Package of &ldquoGlobal Food Bazaar&rdquo, which is working as a online repurchase card. The 10 amount of your earning will be transferred in your Smart Card from which you can purchase any product of your choice and need from &ldquoGlobal Food Bazaar&rdquo or any other store running by Global Retail Multitrade P Ltd. at anywhere in India. Product Packages   AMOUNT RS. PROUCTS REFERRAL PTS SALARY POINTS B.V. M.B. POINTS REWARD POINTS MAXMIMUM BENFIT   EXECUTIVE KIT             2399- INR 1 Suit Length 1 Scalar Energy Pendant Education Kit 1 2 200 1250 0.25 15,000 Weekly 3099- INR 1 Suit Length 1 Scalar Energy Pendant 1 Bag Holiday Tour package National Education kit. 2 2 250 2500 0.50 25,000 Weekly 6099- INR 1 Exec. Suit Length 1 Global Shirt Piece 1 Scalar Energy Pendant 1Bag 3 Days & 2 Nights Holiday Tour Package National International Education kit 2 4 500 5000 1.00 50,000 Weekly 6099- INR 2 Global Shirt 2 Global Trouser 1 Scalar Energy Pendant 1 Scalar Energy Bracelet 3 Days & 2 Nights Holiday Tour Package NationalInternational Educational Kit 2 4 500 5000 1.00 50,000 Weekly   FOOD BAZAAR KIT             3099- INR 1 Scalar Energy Pendant 3 Days & 2 Nights Holiday Tour Package National Education Kit with 30 Discount vouchers 200- 2 2 250 2500 0.50 25,000 Weekly 3399- INR 1 Scalar Energy Pendant 1 Bag 3 Days & 2 Nights Holiday Tour Package NationalEducation Kit with 30 Discount vouchers 200- 2 2 250 2500 0.50 25,000 Weekly 6099- INR 3 Days & 2 Nights Holiday Tour Package NationalInternational Education kit with 30 Gift vouchers 200- 50 Discount vouchers 200- 2 2 500 5000 1.00 50,000 Weekly Note 1 Discount Voucher Rs.200 will be adjusted on the billing amount of Rs.1200- Every month only one Gift Voucher Discount Voucher can be used. All taxes are applicable as per Govt. norms.   Global Food Bazaar Top Up Options - Amount Benefits Referral Points MB Points Salary Points B.V. Reward Points Capping Tenure Bonus Option 12099 30 additional 6 5000 2 500 1 25000 Weekly 12 Months 1300-Month Total Product worth of Rs.15600- 24099 40 additional 12 10,000 3 1500 1 37500 Weekly 24 Months 1400-Month Total Product worth of Rs.33600- 36099 50 additional 18 15,000 4 3000 1 50,000 Weekly 36 Months 1500-Month Total Product worth of Rs.54000-   Global Trendz Kit - Amount Referral Points MB Points Salary Points B.V. Reward Points Capping Tenure Bonus Option 12999 10 3750 1 500 0.5 25000 Weekly 48 Months 525-Month Total Product worth of Rs.25200- 25999 20 7500 2 1000 1 50000 Weekly 48 Months 1050-Month Total Product worth of Rs.50400-   GLOBAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY OPTIONAL To startup with GFB Direct Selling business you have to purchase GFB Product Package and you get an opportunity to be a part of our business plan, which is absolutely free and optional. There is no fee required to become the associate of Global Food Bazaar.   DIRECT SALES BENEFIT Direct sales benefit system entitles you to get direct sales commission, which is based on the points earned by you on directly sold product packages and there is no limit for number of direct sales. Value of Direct Sales Point Rs.100-   SALARY BENEFITS Every distributor will get some salary points S.P. by buy or sale any product package in hisher group. On behalf of these salary points heshe will be entitled for regular salary.   Salary pts in groupA Salary pts in group B Salary Tenure 10 10 500 per month Up to 6 months 25 25 1000 per month Up to 6 months 75 75 1500 per month Up to 6 months 150 150 3000 per month Up to 6 months 400 400 5000 per month Up to 6 months 750 750 10000 per month Up to 6 months 1500 1500 25000 per month Up to 9 months 3000 3000 50000 per month Up to 12 months 7500 7500 100000 permonth Up to15 months 15000 15000 250000 per month Up to 18 months 40000 40000 500000 per month Up to 24 months Global Salary upto Rs. 1 Crore You must be eligible to get thefull benefits of your down lines in the Salary System i.e. you must top-up with any of the options from Group Aor Group B   BUSINESS VOLUME BENEFIT Global Food Bazaar aims to give 41 incentive of all total business volume to family members associates. A Matching Business Volume 32 B Global Royalty 04 C Super Bonus 04 D Global Suraksha 01   SELFREPURCHASE BENEFIT 8 OF THE PRODUCT PURCHASE BUSINESS VOLUME   MATCHING BUSINESS VOLUME Team Volume 8 of Matching Business Volume 20 of Bill amount will be your Business Volume Example Purchasing of Rs.100- 20 Business Volume No Difference No Limit Unlimited Depth   20 of Bill Amount is Your Business Volume Note To get this income it is compulsory to maintain 5000 B.V. 5000 B.V. every month in your both organizations. According to this Business Volume Benefit maximum 32 will be distributed out of total monthly business volume turnover of the company.   GLOBAL ROYALTY 4 Company will keep aside 4 out of total business volume earned by your joining and repurchase every month for the distribution of Global Royalty. This Global Royalty will be equally distributed among all those distributors in proportion, whose business has been 2.5 Lac. Business volume in both organizations A and B accumulatively. And to be eligible for &ldquoGlobal Royalty&rdquo you will have to achieve a business volume of minimum 25000 by both organization and maintain it imperatively.   SUPER BONUS If any distributor after hisher joining according to SLAB-A achieve the level of 10000050000 Business volume by both organizations and maintain the same two months continuously, will titled as &ldquoSuper Bonus Achiever&rdquo and will be awarded 1 of amount as Super Bonus out of total business volume earned by hisher both organizations. Who maintain their business as per table given below will get upto 4 amount as Super Bonus on the basis of group difference. SLAB GROUP A GROUP B PERCENTAGE A 1 LAC 50000 1 S.B.A B 1 S.B.A 1 S.B.A 2 C 3 S.B.A 3S.B.A 3 D 7 S.B.A 7S.B.A 4   MATCHING BONUS Once you sale any Product Package from our Product Package Range and introduce at least one sale each directly in your both organization, you will become eligible for benefit as per Matching Bonus system M.B.S.. All proposed Product Package are allocated with some bonus points, which are automatically created once you buy any Product Package and paid up on the website of the Company. Your M.B.S. Benefit depends upon how much bonus points volume generated in your organization by team as well as your direct sales. Company gives 10 matching benefit of your higher bonus poit organization with other organization. So the matching bonus benefit is maximum 10 limited with maximum weekly benefit as per your Product Package Choice. The matching bonus will give only as per the volume of the sale made by individual distributor and hisher team.   The value of 1 Matching Bonus Point is 1 M.B. 1 M.B. Rs.1 Approximately Weekly Closing Maximum weekly benefit based on the Product Package purchased by you.   GLOBAL SURAKSHA This is a wonderful &ldquoFamily Security System&rdquo. Under which the family of every distributor will be entitled for Family Security System with the joining product package just after online login. Company will keep aside 1 out of total business volume turnover every month for &ldquoFamily Security Fund&rdquo. This Family Security System by Global Food Bazaar Family is provide great help when the family of such distributor in a deep trouble, who expire in an accident. The above mentioned fund is given for the financial help to the dependentnominee of the such distributor in case of accidental death. If the accidents are more than one the amount will be equally distributed among berieved families. This Family Security System starts 7 days after the joining date of distributor.   GLOBAL FOUNDATION This foundation for noble cause Global Foundation is not profitable organization lead by a good and dedicated team. Global Foundation focus to support needy person. The main objectives of Global Foundation are as under Provide life assurance our all dedicated associate under Global Suraksha System. Collect unused clothes and delivered to needy people. Collect data who ready for blood donation, organized blood donation camp. Promoting Plantation. Organized workshop for personality development, healthy social and economical environment. Generate income opportunities.   FOREVER REWARDS EFFECTIVE FROM 1ST FEB S.N. R.P.P. STAR PRODUCT 1 First 5 R.P.P. Promoter Executive Global Bag Education Kit 2 Next 10 R.P.P. Executive Digital Camera 3 Next 25 R.P.P. Global Star Desktop Computer 4 Next 50 R.P.P. Silver Star Motorcycle 5 Next 100 R.P.P. Gold Star Home Theater with plasma TV 6 Next 250 R.P.P. platinum Star TATA Nano Car or Rs.1.5 Lac 7 Next 500 R.P.P. Rubby Star Gold or Rs.2.5 Lac 8 Next 1000 R.P.P. Sapphire Star Hyundai verna car or 7 Lac 9 Next 1500 R.P.P. Emerald Star Luxury Flat or Rs.10 Lac. 10 Next 3000 R.P.P. Diamond Star Skoda or Rs. 13 Lac 11 Next 7500 R.P.P. Double Diamond BMW Car Or Rs. 27 Lac 12 Next 15000 R.P.P. Blue Diamond Luxury villa or Rs. 51 Lac 13 Next 30000 R.P.P. Crown Villa Or Rs. 1.5 Crore 14 Next 60000 R.P.P. Global Crown Villa Or Rs. 3.5 Crore

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