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Profit based Crowd Funding Platform

It is a Profit based Crowd Funding Platform. It is totally different from other metrics or board or binary plan. It is completely new plan. Join and upgrade with Rs 325. This 325 goes directly to your sponsor. And then you have to introduce 4 persons only and when they upgrade with 325, all the amount (4X325=1300) goes to you. Here you have to upgrade with 650 from that 1300. Those 4 persons introduce 4 persons each making 16 persons in your 2nd level. When those 16 persons upgrade with 650, all the amount (16X650=10400) goes to you. Like this you will get benefit upto 7 level. Level 1 ,4 members, Earn Rs.1300, Net Profit Rs. 520 Level 2,16 members, Earn Rs.10400 Net Profit Rs. 8775. Level 3,64 members, Earn Rs.83200 Net Profit Rs. 79950. Level 4,256 members, Earn Rs.665600 Net Profit Rs. 659100. Level 5,1024 members, Earn Rs.5324800 Net Profit Rs. 5311800. Level 6,4096 members, Earn Rs.42598400 Net Profit Rs. 42572400. Level 7,16384 members, Earn Rs.340787200 Net Profit Rs. 340787200. Total profit 38 crore(appx) In 100% going right 38 crore In 50% going right 19 crore In 10% going right 3.8 crore In 1% going right 38 lacks So why waiting? Price is affordable, only Rs 325 and the possibility to earn in crores. You may contact in +91 8486398687

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  • 06 April, 2016
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