Prepare for the Next Step...

Prepare for the Next Step... is about to be made. India&rsquos Virtual Pioneers and Star Pioneers will have a window of opportunity from December 3rd to permanently lock in their ground floor launch positions and in some cases earn more money than most people make in a year or in a number of years. As of midnight December 2, 2011 the VIRTUAL opportunity becomes the NEW IMAGE opportunity, as we go live with a compensation program as revolutionary as the company&rsquos products. All Virtual Pioneers and Star Pioneers will have that 10 day period to secure their leadership position of &ldquoSupervisor&rdquo. What normally would take as much as 2 to 3 months to attain and cost over one hundred thousand rupees will be qualified immediately.All Star Pioneers and Virtual Pioneers will be able to secure that leadership position with the purchase of a one-time only, never to be repeated, special Virtual Pioneer and Star Pioneer package. These heavily discounted packages will be everything needed to start building your International business. The package will include our revolutionary and award winning product Alpha Lipid Lifeline of which the value far exceeds the cost.for free joining please click here

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