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Pree Launching co
Pree Launching co
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Pree Launching co

  Opportunity         Registration Option Code Gift Points Amount A Gold Coin 1gm 1 PV INR 5900- B Gold Coin 2gm 2 PV INR 11800- C Gold Coin 3gm 3 PV   INR 17700- D Gold Coin 4gm 4 PV   INR 23600-                                                                     Alternate Registration option INR 100- Note - After allotment of your customer ID it will be confirmed that you have received your Gold Coin. After registration company will not responsible about your Gold Coin.   Benefits   Market Research Income Registration Options Weekly Questions Total Questions Incentive Approx Per Month A 15 60 INR 2000- B 30 120 INR 4000- C 45 180 INR 6000- D 60 240 INR 8000- Market research questions will come every week .   Sponsoring Income Registration Option Sponsoring Incentive Per Month A INR 200- B INR 400- C INR 600- D INR 800-   Pair Performance Income Registration Option Benefits A First Pair 12 or 21 after then11 INR 500- B First Pair 12 or 21 after then11 INR 1000- C First Pair 12 or 21 after then11 INR 1500- D First Pair 12 or 21 after then 11 INR 2000- Note -All Performence income will be count Left and Right on point basis. Royalty Income For 1 Year Package "A"1 Point INR 100- Total No of Points in a month  x   INR 100- ------------------------------------------------ 500 Pair Points Achievers

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