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Are you willing to have the WEEKLY INCOME generated in your BANK ACCOUNT in the MLM Company. Just forget the Companies who waited you for a month  for your reward.GOT YOUR POWER OF MONEY BACK IN JUST.......A WEEK TIME Business Plan   Member can join World Vision using Registration PIN of Rs 4000.00        Binary Income   Rs. 700 - per pair Match. 1st pair 21 or 12, there after 11 1 pair. Capping 100 pairs weekly i.e. Rs. 70,000 weekly. Unlimited depth of geneology. Power leg carry forward balance flush out. Binary pay out every Monday. Income eligible for bank transfer.   Survey Income Member will get Rs 1000 for each survey completed. Each member will get 1 survey every week. Survey will be released on every Monday at 1200 noon. Survey will be closed on next Monday at 900 am. Member can do weekly bank transfer                           Support Income Memerb will earn Rs. 100 - for each survey take by his direct referral. All direct referrals will be considered for this income. Direct referrals can be placed anywhere.   Award & Rewards Awards and rewards are valid only for 30 days from date of joining.   Color Mobile Phone Once member completes 20 pairs he will be eligible for "Color Mobile Handset" Laptop Once member completes 50 pairs he will be eligible for "Laptop" Bike Once member completes 100 pairs he will be eligible for "Bike" Maruthi Alto Once member completes 500 pairs he will be eligible for Rs 2 lakh for "Maruthi Alto" Maruthi Swift Once member completes 1000 pairs he will be eligible for Rs 4 lakh for "Maruthi Swift" http://WWW.WORLDVISION.NET.IN   FOR   CONTACT SANDEEP SINGH 8006809006    
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